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just curious...

(pulling this out of another thread where it was easily threatening to derail it)

let me get this straight...

deploying vanilla with a theme that doesn't credit mark pitchforks come out.. angry mobs form

taking someone's layout, and portions of their graphics, html, css and javascript... cheered and encouraged

I'm not coming down on one side or the other in either case... just trying to understand where people draw their lines and hopefully make a few people think


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    edited July 2006
    As long as you credit the original design with at "Cork'd Ported by Jake" or something why does it matter? If you're in the business of creating functional art, you have to realize that this type of thing is bound to happen, and it's likely that a theme port can generate new viewership as well. I'd certianly never heard of Cork'd before this thread. Also the services of extend far beyond his color scheme, and porting it to vanilla shouldn't impact him in a negative way.

    Oh, and just so you remember the thread didn't call for a lnynching. Several comments inside of the thread did, but several comments also cautioned against being crazed zelots. The majority of the comments were just about the need to get mark credited for his software package to help further Lussumo.

    Themes are ported all the time, so people are used to it. I would still recommend contacting the author, but I don't know that the port should require his blessing.

    Edit: Oh and just because we all post here doesn't mean that we are all in agreement, so don't group the Lussumo Community in your rant.
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    You should always give credit where credit is due. And it certainly doesn't hurt to try and contact the author (regardless of the license information in the code). It's just courtesy. You would want someone to do that to any work you created. In my experience, I've modifed several WordPress plugins. I have always contacted the original author and asked how he would like to handle the mods. Even if the author doesn't respond, I don't "eliminate" his contact information and make it seem like I developed it. When I have had a need for images on my site, I always contact the author for permission to use it and how he would like attribution. I think the golden rule applies here.
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