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Want to alter register page but can't find it ...

My question actually consists of various aspects ... will do my best to keep things as clear as possible.

I want to add a Google Analytics onClick event to the signup button on the register page.

I can't find the register page :(

I do find various register*.php variations in applications/dashboard/views/entry but none of them seems to be the actual one. Meaning: I've added a little extra 'test' text to the code, cleared the cache, but the word 'test' doesn't show up in my front end.
Ofcourse I'm not going to make changes in the core files itself - just now for testing - but I'll put the modified files in my theme.

Is there something I'm overlooking here?

PS: Am fairly new to Vanilla, but am pretty well experienced with MVC architectures and also with themes & childthemes in Wordpress. Looking at the code & structure of Vanilla, it seems to me that these other experiences should be of help with understanding, but no luck so far in this issue ...


  • Thanks for your suggestions @R_J will take some more time to digg into this!

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