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I'm wondering if it makes sense to use this plugin ...

steamsteam - #1 foro planes amigo

As the author puts it does not add much in SEO. From my view its only makes more work on the server by converting urls. Extra load server work isn't it ?
Someone can tell me if I can benefit from this plugin and and if I'm thinking right about extra load on the server ?
Thanks in advance.



  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Every plugin which adds features increases server load.

    There is no "official" SEO reason to use this plugin. So every SEO-advisor can only guess if this will add value. And if it does or if it does not may change each day.

    So I would say: try it out if you and your users like it.

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited May 2015

    There is absolutely no SEO value in it. In fact, the idea that making your pages look like static files is somehow increasing ranking, is based on complete myth. Google was never that stupid. In fact google also doesn’t need SEO friendly urls. So long as if has the slug in there it is more than capable of working out script parts of the url and won't penalise you for it. It is purely aesthetic.

    The overhead is negligible though. As it predefines the url functions there is no extra overhead there, and the routing doesn’t really add overhead.

    The one reason for using an adapted version of this, is to to localise the controller/method convention.

    Personal simply the idea of making you site different, or possibly. or simply integrating vanilla into an exiting url scheme would be reasons to do it.

    grep is your friend.

  • steamsteam - #1 foro planes amigo
    edited May 2015

    Friends thanks for answers.

    R_j you said try it out. But i'm afraid when google has indexed urls forum you can not change it so fast. They are indexed and cached.
    Besides I saw that when I put seo html links and then remove, the seo pages are not found by server.
    That means is the reverse gear will be painful. Remove the indexed pages from google to avoid 404 errors.
    Am I wrong ?

    x00 The plugin does not extra overhead the server that's fine ...

  • Google respects 301 redirects.

    I generally advise against wasting you money on SEO "experts", but for migration from one sytem to another you might consult a tech. No so much a SEO guy but someone who knows how to make a smooth transition, and has server skills.

    Some redirection is done in the core for other common forums.

    grep is your friend.

  • steamsteam - #1 foro planes amigo

    I think will not use this plugin. Thanks for advice. Have a nice day.

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