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[Solved]No icon at all

This discussion is related to the YagaDiscussionHeaderBadges addon.

Hi, i have no icon, but just icon for no loaded image, i have vanilla 2.1.10,Yaga 1.0.3 and YagaDiscussionHeaderBadges 0.1.1

in my path for image badge, i have 2 "uploads" and i don't no why, my uploads dir it's just one upload.

I found a solution.

line 38

Img(Gdn_Upload::Url($Badge['Photo']) ),

replace by

str_replace("m/uploads","m",Img(Gdn_Upload::Url($Badge['Photo']) )),

replace "m" of "m/upload" by th last lettre of last dir.
exemple :
result :

yes its ugly solution, but i have basic skill for php :)

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