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Button Bar Plugin - Code Markdown

edited May 2015 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

Hey dudes!
Why when I select CODE formatting in the buttons bar when I am posting only is written<code> instead of <pre><code>. Do you know how can I fix that? I'm using prettify and I need the pre tag before code. I've checked the .js of the plugin and I found somthing like that

case 'code': var multiline = $(TextArea).hasSelection().indexOf('\n') >= 0; if (multiline) { var thisOpts = $.extend(htmlOpts, { opentag:'<pre><code>', closetag:'', opener:'', closer:'', closeslice: '' }); $(TextArea).insertRoundTag('',thisOpts); } else { $(TextArea).insertRoundTag('code',htmlOpts); } break;

... any Idea or stable solution for making prettify easier (still more) ? thanksss!


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