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Default.Master.tpl, where can I access html.sticky-footer-html?

I'm wondering where I can locate this file because I'm trying to make some minor modifications to the formatting of things on my forums. The default.master.tpl file doesn't have the complete information I need to access. I'm wanting to remove the "categories" row completely and bring up "discussions", "comments" and "latest post" into the h2 heading. The second thing I was going to ask about was how to remove the "child categories" text, but when inspecting further I found that...

.CategoryName b {
    display: none;

...does the trick!

For my first issue though I don't believe it can be done with css. I would need to modify the markup.


  • If I understood, you want to remove the 'categories' text upper the categories row?
    .CategoryName .Wrap { display: none; }

  • SkismaSkisma New
    edited May 2015

    @Deprecatedz Actually no, that removes a bunch of important info. Yikes!

    I've actually successfully removed what I need to with the code in my OP. What I'm wanting to do here is relocate .BigCount.CountDiscussions, .BigCount.CountComments and .BlockColumn.LatestPost to be in .H. Currently they are within the table row (tr) in a class called .CategoryName. I believe I need to modify html.sticky-footer-html, but I don't know where this is located.

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  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Vanilla is made of php ... the sticky footer part has to do with the theme, I think that was mentioned before . That is not a Vanilla class.

    There is no html file, if there is then it would be called file.html and not file.php

  • SkismaSkisma New
    edited May 2015

    @vrijvlinder Last time it was mentioned that instead of looking for an html file, I needed to find default.master.tpl. However, this file only contains the main structure of the layout, not the details. These selectors are not in default.master.tpl. I understand you haven't mentioned that file in this thread, I'm just referring to our previous conversation where you did. Since these selectors aren't in the file I've made this thread to ask for help on where I need to locate these.

    I've taken screenshots of my theme, as well as the default vanilla theme and the Bittersweet theme. In each one you'll see the markup is the same. There must be a file somewhere that I can access to modify this.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    You have selected the classic or old type of view for the categories which is a table.
    So work with that. I don't see a sticky footer in those screenshots so I don't even know what you want. Do you ? Maybe try to make a mock up of what you want to achieve.

    You want to remove something and then change something else to be a header ?
    You want to change the layout of a controller ? Look in the controller folder in the vanilla folder or find the most obvious class.categoriescontroller.php and see if you find what you are looking for. If not look at the other files until you find what you need.

    There is no html, what you see in the source using an inspector is html generated/rendered by php.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    default.master.tpl is a like a frame for the head the content, the panel and the footer. That's the main thing you can do there.

    If you like to change the content of any of those assets, you need a plugin (or use the themehooks file). If you simply like to hide something or want a different color, you should do this by styling.

    You've said:

    I'm wanting to remove the "categories" row completely and bring up "discussions", "comments" and "latest post" into the h2 heading.

    This can be achieved by styling (though I'm no fan of something like that)

    Look at the class that the h2 heading has. What do you think happens if you apply that to the line that you wanted "to bring up"?

    class H =>

        color: #FFFFFF;
        font-size: 17px;
        margin-bottom: 0;
        margin-top: 0;


    table.CategoryTable thead tr {
        color: #FFFFFF;
        font-size: 17px;
        margin-bottom: 0;
        margin-top: 0;

    See? It looks like it is in the same element as you wanted it to be! But you didn't want to have the heading "Categories".

    table.CategoryTable thead td.CategoryName div {
      color: #484A4C;

    Now it is "gone"...

    Still not happy because you now have the headings in two different rows. You are right. That looks awful.

    div.CategoryGroup h2 {

    Looking good now,but something happened to the background color of the tr element. So add background-color: #484A4C; to the "table.CategoryTable thead tr" selector.

  • SkismaSkisma New
    edited May 2015

    @R_J Thanks! I thought I needed to modify the markup for this, but I'm glad it can be done with styling. After adding this code everything looked good except for one little thing in the .CategoryName area. This is what it looked like:

    I was able to fix it by adding:

    .BigCount.CountDiscussions, .BigCount.CountComments, .BlockColumn.LatestPost {
        padding-top: 11px;
        padding-bottom: 11px;

    Here it is now:

    Again, thanks again for all your help!

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