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2 Forums on one domain — accounts get messed up

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
We're having 2 separate installs of Vanilla on our domain: one is main forum page at , and one more — for test purposes to play with extensions and other bonuses and not to be afraid to screw things up, over at And we're having some weird problems with the accounts on these 2. Currently there are 2 administrators on the both forums — me and one more guy. And our accounts are always messed up: I log in to one forum, and when I open up the 2nd forum, I'm logged in as my friend, and not as me. And the same thing goes backwards: if I log in on the test forum, when I open the main forum, I'm logged in not under my account as well. Any ideas what might be causing this? Is it cookies or something with the forums bein in the same MySQL db?


  • i think this is due to cookies partially. The fact that your signing in as each other is wierd. by any chance on one forum is you id 1 and on the second forum your id is 2 or something along those lines. You will need to sort out your cookies aswell. Dont ask me that :P
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited July 2006
    use one login for both of them (same people table)?
  • Immersions on the money. This has come up before...
  • >use one login for both of them (same people table)? I'm friend of Prosto. We have two forums at one domain. Second forum is for testing purpose. Sometimes I can automatically login as Prosto and Prosto can automatically login as Atas. Accounts is same at both forums, but not at all. In the mySQL tables of our forums we're have different UserID. For example: 1-st forum Prosto - UserID 1 Atas - UserID 2 2-nd forum Prosto - UserID 2 Atas - UserID 1 Thank you.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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    You need to change the cookie and session names.

    If you open up conf/settings.php and edit it for each installation, here is what you will need to change (or add if it's not already there):


    $Configuration["COOKIE_USER_KEY"] = "forum1cookieone"; $Configuration["COOKIE_VERIFICATION_KEY"] = "forum1cookietwo"; $Configuration["SESSION_USER_IDENTIFIER"] = "Forum1UserID"; $Configuration["COOKIE_DOMAIN"] = ""; $Configuration["COOKIE_PATH"] = "/forum1/";


    $Configuration["COOKIE_USER_KEY"] = "forum2cookieone"; $Configuration["COOKIE_VERIFICATION_KEY"] = "forum2cookietwo"; $Configuration["SESSION_USER_IDENTIFIER"] = "Forum2UserID"; $Configuration["COOKIE_DOMAIN"] = ""; $Configuration["COOKIE_PATH"] = "/forum2/";

    Then you will likely have to sign out and back in to make everything work properly.
  • All clear. Thank you, Mark
  • basicly the same problem. but. I had to log out from the forum#1 in order to log to forum#2. I guess I have to change cookie info too.
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