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Membership site


Can this plugin be used for a monthly membership forum?



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    edited June 2015

    Ruccurring payments and subscriptions are not fully supported yet. I have had really bad experiences with Paypal, so am reluctant to support their apis in this sort of area.

    Stripe I'm a bit more confident about, however they where young when I first looked at it.

    I can't do anything on this for a month, but if you are interested in funding this PM me next month (mid) and I will reply when I'm able to.

    grep is your friend.

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    Most of the recurring plugins use paypal... How come you are facing problems?

    What do you mean by funding? How much would that cost?

    I'd like to know the costs as there are other apps in the market that can already do that.

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    Believe me Paypal apis are a minefield, they don't just have one cohesive api, but many disparate ones. There is lack of joined up thinking. I have done more complicated merchant services than this for clients.

    Paypal doesn't even understand their own services, for one the have several different accounts which have to be set up specially by their staff. It took them five attempts to set up direct payments with recurring payments accounts. All of these option have extra fees. I wouldn't use direct payments with this, but still the experience (that is not the whole story), makes me wary about accepting Paypal jobs.

    Costs would have to be have to be discussed over PM I'm not making any estimates at this time. Development and testing isn't cheap, and if I create something that means I have obligation to support it. I don't want to support something which I know could cause me load of problems, especially at the early stages.

    You are welcome to use something else. Say will Single Sign On with jsConnect you could connect to software with a pay wall plugin. So say you had a wordpress site or something that can use jsConnect SSO. You could use a pay wall with that, then use connect only membership on the forum.

    Stripe has a much simpler way of doing things, subcriptions work as expected, also you can make individual card payments in absentia (you don't hold the card details, so you are not subject to a bunch or date protection regulation).

    grep is your friend.

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    Thanks for the details.

    I just know that most popular IM forums use amember with paypal for their recurring payments.

    Thanks again.

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    amember is a fully funded service though, they have staff, and time to deal will all the bullshit that goes with dealing with gateways like Paypal.

    Some thing are popular just becuase they are popular, they ride on their own hype.

    There is nothing stopping you using amember with wordpress or other, and then using jsConnect to connect the memebership to vanilla.

    Or maybe you could pay someone to do an an amember integration direct with vanilla.

    grep is your friend.

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    Amember has an integration plugin for Vanilla...

    I just wanted to know if in here there was something before using amember :)


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