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How to host a website?

Dose anyone know a good software I could install to CentOS 6.6 (64bits) to host a website with a domain name and that I could hook in to cloudflare with mysql etc me and my friend are making a website where people can find news of new games etc and because of this we buy a 2TB server that could host pictures etc and that got 8gb ram etc.


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    To run a website on a VPS or dedicated Linux server, you will need:

    • A web server. Two common web servers include Apache and nginx.
    • A database management system. Vanilla supports MySQL.
    • PHP installed. I recommend getting the latest stable version of PHP.

    All of this software comprises a software bundle called the LAMP stack.

    Here is a good guide by Linode on how to set up a LAMP stack on CentOS 6:

    Add Pages to Vanilla with the Basic Pages app

  • CentOS will be a bit harder for novices. Try ubuntu.

    grep is your friend.

  • Okay I got the website host but now GUI stuff when I click it will not open I try using firefox and google but its not working.

  • Like when I click the tool bar it dose not open a GUI,

  • @VizionStudios said:
    Like when I click the tool bar it dose not open a GUI,

    not really to do with you original question.

    If you are getting a root server, then I would go "managed" (with support). As if you are a novice you need that support for general management of your server around the clock if something goes wrong. In terms of work ethic you will need to learn more about servers yourself, and be less reliant on forums to answer those questions.

    vanilla questions you can ask here.

    grep is your friend.

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