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Updating MyAttachments from FileUpload to Advanced Editor Upload

This discussion is related to the My Attachments addon.
phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP
edited August 2015 in Feedback

Hi all,

I was using FileUploads and MyAttachment before and it was a convenient way for users to upload and also handle a gallery of their own uploads. Also other users could take a look in into their galleries and as Admin i was able to delete pictures when the users wanted this from me (they were also able to do it).

Now i'm switching to the Advanced Editor and one smart way would be if i'd have MyAttachments updated for the Advanced Editor and that it would also fetch former FileUploads (as it used to work before).

Would anyone of you be interested in joining forces for an update and ask and probably get @vrijvlinder a donation if she'd be open to update her plugin?

Any ideas how to enhance the plugin are welcome. Privacy is an issue and users also want the ability to delete pictures.
It's a pain if they adress you with every delete request and you have to find all their pictures.

Nice greetz,


  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited August 2015

    the thing I don't like about the advanced editor, it is not as fine-tuned as the file upload plugin. with the file upload plugins, you could control both download and upload abilities via role permissions. Having Both of those features seems to be lost in advanced editor, in my brief experimentation. Perhaps an oversight.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP

    Thanx for that feedback peregrine. Yes it seems like. I wonder if the uploaded files are still connected to a user ID, otherwise there might not be a possibility to track them down for "MyAttachments".

  • phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP

    @vrijvlinder: Would you update the myAttachments for a donation to work with 2.2?

  • RiverRiver MVP
    edited May 2016

    copy the mediamodel from the uploader plugin or the fileupload plugin to the myattachments plugin if you are not using either of the those plugins. since myattachements depends on the mediamodel for what looks like thumbnails etc.. Advanced Editor adds records to the media table and MyAttachments reads records from the media table.

    Pragmatism is all I have to offer. Avoiding the sidelines and providing centerline pro-tips.

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