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Help w/ Dashboard Error

So, one of my plugins wasn't working (MentionsPlus) so I tried disabling it. I got an error that "Something went wrong". So, I just deleted the folder from /plugins/. Now, when I try to go to Plugins in the dashboard, I get an error that "Something went wrong. We've run into a problem and are unable to handle this request right now. Please check back in a little while."

Every other page in the Dashboard seems to be functioning properly. Thoughts?


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    Ah, darnit. It's not just the Plugins page on dashboard. When I try to click on a category or discussion I also get that error.

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    Here's the debug:

    Fatal Error in Gdn_Factory.Factory();

    Class UmlautMentionsFormatter not found while trying to get an object for MentionsFormatter. Check the path .
    The error occurred on or near: /home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.factory.php
    63: require_once($Path);
    64: }
    66: if (!class_exists($ClassName, FALSE)) {
    67: throw new Exception(sprintf('Class %s not found while trying to get an object for %s. Check the path %s.', $ClassName, $Alias, $Def['Path']));
    68: }
    70: // Create the object differently depending on the type.
    71: $Result = NULL;
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/] Gdn_Factory->Factory();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.format.php:1167] Gdn::Factory();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.format.php:832] Gdn_Format::Mentions();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.format.php:1328] Gdn_Format::Html();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.format.php:874] Gdn_Format::To();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.controller.php:764] Gdn_Format::PlainText();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.categoriescontroller.php:108] Gdn_Controller->Description();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.categoriescontroller.php:108] CategoriesController->Index();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/library/core/class.dispatcher.php:350] PHP::call_user_func_array();
    [/home/louisvm5/public_html/nerdlouisville/forum/index.php:46] Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch();

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    Looks like this might be Mentions+ specific. @R_J, any thoughts?

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Sure! That plugin needs an additional setting in conf/bootstrap.before.php
    Clear that specific entries and everything will be okay again...

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    BleistivtBleistivt Moderator
    edited August 2015

    remove the conf/bootstrap.after.php that you created for Mentions+ (or remove just that line if you are using it for something else)

    edit: too slow :dizzy:

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    That worked! I should have re-read the Mentions+ installation and did the reverse. Duh. Sorry guys! But, thanks for your help!

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    I'm really not happy with that extra piece of work you have to do when using that plugin, but I know no other way to replace the mentions functionality. Most of what it has to offer will be in Vanilla 2.2 though

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    It's not that big of a deal. I just forgot about doing that when I installed.

    Does 2.2 use the same method of quotes (or other characters, i.e. "user name") to activate the mention?

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