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Error with Guest Signin

edited July 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have the guest sign in plugin installed for a few days, and just noticed today they guests trying to login through the form weren't having any luck. I came across this error after attempting to login:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/devloung/public_html/forum/extensions/GuestSignIn/default.php on line 70

My default is untouched besides the addition of an image next to the guest welcome title, and a custom signed in message. Any ideas?

<?php /* Extension Name: Guest Sign in Message Extension Url: Description: Adds a sign in form to the panel if the person viewing the forum doesn't have an active session. Version: 1.0 Author: WallPhone Author Url: Portions Copyright 2003 - 2005 Mark O'Sullivan */ // All definitions may be shortened to '', and the extension will try to make do with the current language file. $GuestSignIn_Title = 'Welcome, Guest'; $GuestSignIn_Message = 'Join active discussions on various web topics by signing up for the devlounge community, or logging in below.'; $GuestSignIn_User = ''; $GuestSignIn_Pass = ''; $GuestSignIn_Remember = ''; $GuestSignIn_Submit = ''; $GuestSignIn_Forgot = ''; $GuestSignIn_Apply = ''; // If this is defined, then it will appear as a message for signed in users. $GuestSignIn_Welcome = 'Glad to see you return. Take a look around for new topics since your last visit.'; $GuestSignIn_Title = ( $GuestSignIn_Title ) ? $GuestSignIn_Title : $Context->Dictionary['NotSignedIn']; $GuestSignIn_User = ( $GuestSignIn_User ) ? $GuestSignIn_User : $Context->Dictionary['Username']; $GuestSignIn_Message = ( $GuestSignIn_Message ) ? $GuestSignIn_Message : ''; $GuestSignIn_Pass = ( $GuestSignIn_Pass ) ? $GuestSignIn_Pass : $Context->Dictionary['Password']; $GuestSignIn_Remember =( $GuestSignIn_Remember )? $GuestSignIn_Remember: $Context->Dictionary['RememberMe']; $GuestSignIn_Submit = ( $GuestSignIn_Submit ) ? $GuestSignIn_Submit : $Context->Dictionary['SignIn']; $GuestSignIn_Forgot = ( $GuestSignIn_Forgot ) ? $GuestSignIn_Forgot : $Context->Dictionary['ForgotYourPassword']; $GuestSignIn_Apply = ( $GuestSignIn_Apply ) ? $GuestSignIn_Apply : $Context->Dictionary['ApplyForMembership']; if (in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("account.php", "categories.php", "comments.php", "index.php", "search.php")) && $Context->Session->UserID == 0) { $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/GuestSignIn/style.css'); $Panel->AddString('<div id="GuestSignIn"> <h2><img src="" alt="Welcome" /> '.$GuestSignIn_Title.'</h2> ' . $GuestSignIn_Message . ' <fieldset><form id="frmSignIn" method="post" action="'. GetUrl($Configuration, 'people.php') .'"> <input name="PostBackAction" value="SignIn" type="hidden"> <input name="ReturnUrl" value="" type="hidden"> <ul> <li><label for="txtUsername">'. $GuestSignIn_User .'</label> <input id="txtUsername" name="Username" value="" class="Input" maxlength="20" type="text"> </li> <li><label for="txtPassword">'. $GuestSignIn_Pass .'</label> <input id="txtPassword" name="Password" value="" class="Input" type="password"> </li> <li id="RememberMe"><label for="RememberMeID"> <input name="RememberMe" value="1" id="RememberMeID" type="checkbox" checked="checked"> '. $GuestSignIn_Remember .'</label> </li> </ul> <input name="btnSignIn" value="'. $GuestSignIn_Submit .'" class="Button" type="submit"> </form></fieldset> <ul class="MembershipOptionLinks"> <li class="ForgotPasswordLink"><a href="'. GetUrl($Configuration, 'people.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PasswordRequestForm'). '">'. $GuestSignIn_Forgot .'</a></li> <li class="ApplyForMembershipLink"><a href="'. GetURL($Configuration, 'people.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=ApplyForm'). '">'. $GuestSignIn_Apply .'</a></li> </ul> </div>', 10); } else { if ( $GuestSignIn_Welcome ) { $Head->AddStyleSheet('extensions/GuestSignIn/style.css'); $Panel->Addstring('<div id="GuestSignIn"><h2><img src="" alt="Welcome" /> Welcome Back</h2>'.$GuestSignIn_Welcome.'</div>', 10); } } ?>


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    edited July 2006

    OK., you need to modify that IF statement at the end to read like this:if ( $GuestSignIn_Welcome && $Context->SelfUrl <> "people.php" )
    I like the change you tried to make, mind if I include it in the next version of this extension?
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    Sure it's no problem. I'll give this a shot, thanks for your reply
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