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Adding more informations in profile field through jsConnect SSO

This discussion is related to the Vanilla jsConnect addon.

I have enabled jsConnect plugin. Boonex Dolphin is my main sign in site.
From the main website these 4 information is passed currently.
//Change these four Lines
$user['uniqueid'] = '123';
$user['name'] = 'John PHP';
$user['email'] = '[email protected]';
$user['photourl'] = '';
Available at line 18 in jsConnectPHP/index.php

I have added 1 more information to profile through Profile Extender Version 3.0 by Lincoln Russell which is as important as of above 4 information.
The new added information is passed from main site
I have added this to jsConnectPHP/index.php
$user['city'] = '';

What should I do so that jsConnect plugin save the passed city information to city field in Vanilla profile ?


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