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How do I get the default vanilla roles after a SMF import?

Hello everyone. I just imported my SMF2 installation to vanilla and I don't seem to have the default vanilla roles anymore, like guest and applicant. Guests are currently able to access the dashboard and that's somewhat inconvenient. Any way to fix this?


  • Thank you for that, I have recreated the original roles. I still have a problem though: members can access the dashboard, just like an admin. It seems the roles have no effect. Any idea? I suspect members have multiple roles assigned, because in the GND_UserRole table, USERID's have mutilple rows with roles assigned. There should be only one row per user right?

  • Can confirm it worked. I truncated the GND_UserRole table and reassigned all users to the default Member role that I created. Everyone only has 1 role now and no longer access the dashboard, which I assumed was because they had an admin role.


  • Just a correction vanilla supports multiple roles. No contradiction there. In vanilla roles are additive, in that they take the same of the permissions.

    However it sounds like the role got a bit messed up during import, par for the course.

    grep is your friend.

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