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Delete Button for each post/topic

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
if it's still actual let me know, my coder could do this in less than an hour



  • yes that should be useful. Please Thanks
  • If this is not under progress, i am going to start work on this topic ...
  • well he is done, it has only a safari bug yet,

    we release it tomorrow with our portfolio website.. the safari bug should be clarified as well until tomorrow
  • You do know that there is already an extension for the deletion of comments, right? Here:
  • yes about an half hour ago... :/

    i was just following 2 discussions and a few requests for this feature,
    didn't check the extension database.

    oh well.. stupid.. we have than now our personal version :D
  • Any difference ? Between yours and existing ?
  • If it work with mysql 3.23, you will make Wanderer happy.
  • edited July 2006
    i will ask my coder about the mysql thing, other than that it worked pretty well with the other extensions ,
    the other one by sirnot had so far problems with the smooth scrolling extension ...

    so i will ask him tomorrow.

  •  Quote: Dinoboff  If it works with mysql 3.23, you will make Wanderer happy.
    I moved to a server running mySQL 4.1, still does not work, no error, just nothing.
  • I'd like to see this extension, and so would a bajillion newcomers, judging from forum searches. Also, don't be afraid to duplicate another extension's functionality if yours does it in a different way. Look at the Firefox extension repository: choice is good! (be sure to point out differences though)
  • By the way, this add-on now works for me since the 1.1 update.

    It's a real delete, since the 1.1 delete is actually "Hide" renamed "Delete" :-)
  • lol, yeah I noticed that as well. I went ahead and updated it so it will display as 'remove' instead of delete so you won't be stuck wondering which delete button does what.
  • Groovy, SirNot. Took me a while to figure out the extension created a new permission that had to be toggled. Might want to put that in a readme :) By the way why is the hide string defined as 'delete' in the english dictionary? is it to stop people from bugging for a delete feature? that had me confused for a while after reading the above post, because i'm using another language. Shifting and poking around the dictionaries clarified the picture ^^
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    By the way why is the hide string defined as 'delete' in the english dictionary?

    mmmm. not really. It's more to prove a point: That the whole "deleting" argument is in your heads. People will use it as if it really is a "delete" button and never, ever be concerned about the posts still actually being there.
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