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Vanilla & Wordpress Theme Integration Guide

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I know this probably won't be useful for most of the die-hard Vanilla community, but hopefuly it can help out some beginners. Since I launched my forums a week ago, I keep receiving emails asking me how I integrated the design with wordpress, so I thought i'd put together a quick write up on the subject. It can be seen here.


  • thanks, astereo..... this is so helpful.
  • After knocking my head against css files all evening... thank you! :)
  • Nice one!
  • Very nicely done. I'm glad you documented what you did so others may learn. I've tried to do this on my blog when I've helped others implement something or answer a support question. One question that I've always had about integrating one thing with another --- why? And each one of us will have a different reason. We have forums, photo/gallery albums, wikis, blogs, filebrowsers, and other things. In your case, why did you do this? Thanks again!
  • In my case I always think of integration as a way to make things work better together. If a forum and site have a fluid design and blend together well, it will almost be as it was all one. For example, (this could just be me), but I think if you had a light colored site and a dark forum, you would be annoying users with the quick shifts in color. By cleaning everything up and making it match, it makes everything come together. Just my opinion... Anyways, glad the article is useful :)
  • wow that's wicked. Thanks!
  • ToivoToivo New
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    hmm, nice one what are the plans for future?
  • For prebuilt, not sure yet besides what it says on the prebuilt page. It'll be good though ;)

    Btw, if you guys find this article useful, could you digg it please? Thanks.
  • astereo you site is amazing .
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    so, hey - i decided to take a crack at this. my wordpress is at (all though there is no navigation, as currently all navigation is on another frame viewable at until i figure out how to code it via CSS). my vanilla is setup at - you can use guest/guest as the name/pass. as you can see, i was having a lot of trouble trying to cram vanilla's base theme into a window that's about 500 pixels wide. so, at first, i wanted to put the side panel at the bottom, and then i was thinking i could divide it somehow in columns at the top... but then i got the idea of sticking it out the left hand side of the content area. 2 issues. 1 - it doesn't work in IE. IE erases the panel all together. 2 - when using anything other then ie, there is this white space at the top of the panel which i can't figure out where its coming from. any thoughts, comments, etc? also, here is a link to my css file:
  • looking at this again, where would I edit to get the panel to be called second? so if the content area is floating left and the panel is floating right (as is the wordpress theme (content=left/sidebar=right), then the panel would actually appear at the bottom, similar to what jazzman was doing for the skyblue theme.
  • This is likely not the place to note this but the devlounge Vanilla forum is aligned about 1000 pixels below the main site navigation.
  • Prince of Oreon, what do you mean?
  • When I load the forum on dev lounge using Firefox the forum is aligned approximately one full screen below the dev lounge header.
  • strange - it looks fine in my firefox.
  • Yeah, I think he means it extends the length of the page, same width as throughout the entire site
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    Here's a couple screen-shots to show you what I mean. I've tried it in several browsers, and on several pcs and my laptop with the same result. I am at 1024 x 768 res. Running Opera, IE5, and Firefox 1.5 on XP. Below is what I'm seeing.

    Dev Lounge Community Screen,
    Dev Lounge Community Screen the Sequel.
  • Hmm, thanks I'll take a look
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