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Edit thumbnail profile page php/css issue

polkipolki New
edited January 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hello guys !

Vanilla version : 2.2
Theme : Bootstrap Flatly

I'm having a strange issue with only one page in my template : the thumbnail edit page ( profile/thumbnail )
It looks like the body class is wrong and I dunno where to correct it.
It looks like the body is using the thumbnail's class so it puts borders and padding and more to the whole page, instead of just the thumbnail.
See linked screenshots.

In this screenshot, we can see that the body id is using the "thumbnail" class. so it's wrong.
Its quite hard to see, but there is padding at the top + border, and an image is not at its place ( the top one )

and in this one, I just changed "thumbnail" to "Thumbnail" and it's working as intented.

The problem, is that I can't find where to change this.

So any help would be appreciated, thanks :)


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    This has to do with the bootstrap theme ( 2.5.1 that can be found on this website ).
    But where is the issue ?

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited January 2016

    I think I found where this may be happening, it is not bootstrap theme though, it is in the class.profilecontroller.php around line 1214, I think … notice UserUrll($this->User, '', 'thumbnail') maybe it should be Thumbnail in that spot. I will look for other potential places it could be but that looks like the right spot when you are cropping the image thumbnail.

    But it really should not matter if it is Thumbnail or thumbnail… hmmm

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    put this up on github

    grep is your friend.

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    polkipolki New
    edited January 2016

    hmmm, tried to look into it with @vrijvlinder infos but doesn't seems to fix it.
    But, I guess, that " UserUrll($this->User, '', 'thumbnail') " has to do with the URL ? The problem is in the class itself, i suppose.
    Thing is, when I change the theme, it works as intented.

    My fix for now is to put
    body#dashboard_profile_thumbnail.Dashboard.Profile.thumbnail.EditMode.Section-EditProfile.Section-Profile.sticky-footer-body { padding: 0px!important; border: none!important; }

    in custom.css of bootstrap theme.
    But that doesn't solve the real issue : ) just a workaround

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