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HTML structure bug in the search form

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi - on the net i was looking for a lightweight forum software that looks nice, is easy to use and adaptable. I found Vanilla and liked it. For a couple of days I work on a new template and theme. So far everything was fine. But last night I found a bug in xhtml strucure of the search page. The errrors (mozilla html validator plugin actually calls them warnings) occur after using the search form when no search results are found. You can test it right here on the vanilla support forum. Just use the simple search and look for something unfoundable like "hvufgÖUVFUÖOw" or whatever. HTML Validator will shw these two warnings: Zeile 181 Zeichen 2 - Warnung: missing </ol> before </div> Zeile 34 Zeichen 10 - Warnung: missing </div> On the stabdard templates, that doesn't matter too much, but since i'm using a template which has a footer line on every page, layout brakes on the search page. I'ld be thankful, if one can tell me how to fix it, or mail me a fixed file (i guess it's search_form.php) Another thing I realized, when switching to extended search in ie6 the search field goes over my footer line and brake up the layout. it works fine in the other browsers and on any other vanilla-page. Reason might be that ie6 doesn't rerender the page since there was no reload done. But I'm not sure about that. Maybe I'll probably just turn of the extended search on the page - or is there a solution for it? Thanks again


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Good find! Okay, I've fixed the first problem that causes bad xhtml. You'll need to get the latest version of these two files from svn: The IE one is a real bugger. I'm not that great at CSS. Hopefully someone else can come in here and help us out with that one. Any takers?
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    wow ...impressed. thanks a lot. about the ie thing - i'm not sure if it's a css problem. i know - too good :-( - that this stuff happens when messing around with footer lines ..had a hard time here too, and finally found a solution on the web to fix it. works fine now on every page - execpt the extended search in ie. line of thinking: 1. It works fine on the simple search field (can check it by making the browser window really small). 2. both searches use the same container (<div id="Form" class="Account Search">). 3. Everything inside the container should not be able to mess it up my Conclusion: it's not css my Idee: ie doesn't get the right length bause it changes without reload my threat: :-) it's web2.0 contra IE6?
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