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Does posting an image carry the risk of breaking a topic?

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I realize most of my posts are in this category...oh well, what can you do. =o)

We've noticed a trend on my board. When someone posts an image, more often than not it causes the browser to load a blank page (literally, blank. Nothing on it.), and once that happens, trying to go to anything board-related (index page, user profile, anything) also loads a blank page. This behavior continues until the person restarts their browser.

I posted about something similar to this like a month ago and it seemed to work itself out, but this keeps happening and it's really kind of annoying. What say you?


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    Well just don't allow HTML to be posted and only BBCode or text.
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    phaded, are you able to provide a link to a problem post or page?
    Maybe some sausage is posting an errant tag or missing closing segment?

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    edited August 2006
    If the image was just mangling your page, then I'd say:

    If you want to keep this ability to both use (X)HTML and allow images to be posted, you may want to try out my extension, which helps make sure users are closing tags properly, etc.

    But, your statement makes me pause:
    ...trying to go to anything board-related... also loads a blank page. This behavior continues until the person restarts their browser.
    That sounds like it's caused the browser to go into an infinite loop or something, which a simple image - even if the html for it is screwy - shouldn't ever cause. What browser(s) is this in, and, as Wanderer asked, is there an example you can show us? From your first post about this I found your forum, but not an example of the problem.
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    mary you might wanna close that tag there! :D
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    Bah! There now, you see! I had put
    instead of
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    In 9 cases out of 10, people are using the Textile extension to format their posts, so I guess it's possible that that extension might not be closing the tags all the time, or something. However, it doesn't ALWAYS happen, so I don't really know if that's the case

    As far as examples, my friend who co-owns the site with me usually edits the database directly when this happens to fix it, but if it happens again, I'll bump this thread.
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