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Dashboard > Forum > Categories Missing

Issue: Our forum is missing the "Categories" link in the left hand Dashboard menu under "Forum".

I've Tried:

  • Checking the css... I can't find anything hiding the categories. Also, the theme is the same for our forum and our test forum, but the test forum shows the categories link fine. I'm using the Silicon Theme.
  • Looking for missing files. I'm unsure which file I should be looking for.
  • Checked the config file. Settings mentioning categories are: Vanilla.Categories.HideModule = false; / Vanilla.Categories.Use = true; / Routes.DefaultController = array('categories', 'Internal');

Any help is really appreciated


  • RodSloanRodSloan New
    edited March 2016

    Here's a screenshot

    Shading mine, for clarity.

  • That was it! Thanks @R_J

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