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Want to add custom title for category

edited March 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3

I want to add custom text in category title. In the case i am setting category name in dashboard in category title it also shows in sidebar. For example I am adding a category of Income Tax and set category url to

Category Url:

it shows well in sidebar category list but when I am changing the title of category Income Tax to Income Tax discussion Forum the same title shows in sidebar as well. I want to set custom seo title for category by modifying any php file (no idea)

for example:

%category% Discussions on %garden% or %category% Discussions forum. I have idea that we can do it by editing conf.php file no idea how to do it.

Title works good at category page source title " Income Tax discussion Forum " but it also effects the sidebar as well.

For more clue I want to set code just like vanillaseo plugin but custom code.

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