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Bookmark link at the bottom

edited September 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Every time I've added a discussion to my bookmarks, it has been after reading the existing comments in it. This means that I end up with my viewport at the bottom of the page, and then have to scroll back up to the top to bookmark it.

I know this seems like a bit of a lazy suggestion, but it really does make good UI sense. Remind people what they can do involving a discussion after they've read it, since before they've read it they'll be focused on one thing. Reading it!

Of course, from my perspective this could easily be solved by adding access keys, but that wouldn't bring the UI benefit.


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That's an awesome idea. Now I've got to figure out where to put the bookmark link....
  • Good point. You could fix the position of the left block, but that isn't a cross browser solution without javascript.
  • maybe add the link beside the Back to discussions?
  • Next to the "Back to discussions" link seems like the perfect spot to me.

    I have one other request regarding that: Is there any chance of having the contrast increased a little? Since it is right at the bottom of the screen, the angle of viewing makes it pretty hard to see low contrast stuff.

    Ok, I just realised that there's a reason you let people use custom stylesheets!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited July 2005
    dom - Yeah, as I just mentioned in my latest post at, that has been one of the most common requests with this stylesheet. The thing is, it looks perfect on my laptop - which is what I use to do almost all of my development. Then I go to a friend's house and I can barely read anything. Doh! If you wanted to take on the task of upping the contrast on this stylesheet, I'd be thankful :)
  • another suggestion i'd like to throw into the mix... having the 'bookmarked discussions' link in the side panel is great. however, if you want to remove a bookmarked discussion from the list i think im right in saying you have to then go into that discussion... again maybe this is just my laziness but typically your viewpoint will skip down near the bottom of the page to the last comment. so again to unbookmark the discussion you have to scroll up. ideally though, i reckon it would be better if you could unbookmark a discussion without having to go into that discussion. a little remove button next to the topic on the bookmarked discussions page would be great!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I think that idealy, if the next version allows you to specify where bits land between the html code, you could have it be redundant all over the place, right? Following that there's some simple variable names to follow in planting a rewritable template, then all should be ok.
  • Well I think the contrast looks fine.
  • Maybe instead of having the bookmark link at the bottom the whole side menu could slide down the page as you scroll?
  • That could be a problem if your side menu is actually longer than the screen, as mine is.
  • I hate menus that slide with pages.
  • When the menu operates smoothly and not jerky like they usually do (mostly because if you scroll the page with yout mouse wheel, it's action is jerky) I wouldn't mind a smoothly scrolling menu on the side. As a matter of fact, I have been planning on something like that for my theme for Vanilla when the next version comes out with all that template goodness.
  • gigingergiginger New
    edited September 2005

    I agree with kosmo

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