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Looking to hire for a plugin

okhawajaokhawaja New
edited May 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I need a plugin before the end of this week and I'm wondering if I can sponsor or pay someone on here to write me a plugin. I need the Discussion title to be generated using a combination of drop downs and tags, and each tag entered should generate a mini template inside the body of the discussion. See below.

I'm hoping to make something that looks similar to the attached. If anyone is up for the challenge then please pm me.


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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You should add a price tag if you really want interest.

    I'm out: to much JavaScript for me.

    Just a feedback on your idea: do you really want to have a "category"/tag called "Banks" with numerous discussions titled "Banks"?

    Using tags as a category replacement is only useful when you want to put a discussion into several categories. That seems not to be your motivation. So is there a reason not to use native categories?

    Given that the time frame is really, really short you should specify what exactly you need as good as you can. Here are some questions that come to my mind when I see your request. You don't have to answer me, but be prepared that any serious developer would ask you a lot more questions than you can see below:

    Is this a replacement for normal discussions or only an addition? (like the QnA plugin).

    If it is an addition, shall it be usable for everyone or does it need custom permissions?

    If it is an addition, shall it be usable only in special categories?

    What is that "Add more" link expected to do? Add more than one discussion/discussion section of that tag?

    What is happening to that mini templates? Shall they end up as separate discussions? Or do you want them to be joined to a discussion like that?


    Text 1...


    Text 2...

    Give more info on how the end result shall look like.

    If they are joined, they will always be joined: in search results, etc.

    Is there a minimum/maximum of tags a user can add in one discussion?

    What is that location sprite used for? Do you already have that functionality so that it must only be a link or do you need custom functionality for that, too?

    You spoke of drop downs and tags, but your screen shot is not showing a drop down (or do you mean a drop down for tags?)

    What I would do in a second step, so that it could be done in the given time, are those 2 features:

    Make this discussions editable. You would need a way to parse such discussions in order to show them in the template again. Until that is realized I would disallow editing discussions.

    When a tag is deleted and there is already text for this section, it should be okay that this text is lost. But in a second attempt, you could try to use Vanillas drafting mechanism for preventing such text from getting lost.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Oh and let me add: I don't think the time frame is realistic, but you might have luck and one of the professional developers here have time for your project.

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    @R_J Awesome awesome awesome feedback. I really love that you spent good effort into helping me better plan this. I made 2 wireframes to show what the website looks during Discussion creation and what it looks like after Submit is clicked. I've found a developer and if 1 week deadline can't be met then I can extend it to 2 weeks. The questions the developer had were exactly the ones you mentioned about adding links and the map pins etc. The wire-frames helped a ton.

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