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Split from Wordpress

I have a long-established web site using Wordpress and Vanilla Forums. My only experience of using/managing Vanilla is as a Wordpress integration. My installed version is Version

I am thinking about dropping the Wordpress side of things but I am happy with my Vanilla Forums and so is my community.

Does Vanilla have any dependencies on the Wordpress files?

Can I just purge my database of the WP fields and run Vanilla on its own?

Also, are there any widgets/scripts that will allow me to display recent topics on my home page (for example)?


  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... Moderator

    Your Vanilla install should be entirely separate from WP, so there should be no issue. All the embed is doing is changing how and where the Vanilla forum is displayed.

    There will be a separate DB for Vanilla as well as the Vanilla folders and files.

    The only thing you may need to check would be user names and passwords, depending on how that is set up.

    As a simple check you could:

    install a fresh instance of Vanilla, with a new, clean DB

    once it is working, change the config.php file to point to your current DB for Vanilla (or you could make a copy of the DB, so that you are not affecting your live site, and point to that.)

    delete the ini files in the cache folder

    You should then see your current site in a standard Vanilla install, and you can check user access etc.

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