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Problem migrating from 'localhost' to webserver

nesttlenesttle New
edited June 2016 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I just tried all tips on this old topic:

Steps I did:
1. Edit 'conf/config.php' (database name, username, password).
2. Compress all Vanilla files in local:
3. Export Vanilla SQL database (save it in .sql) (localhost)
4. Search & Replace on SQL file: >
5. Upload SQL to my webserver
6. Upload my to my webserver
7. Extract all files from on webserver

Also, other things I did too:
1. Remove all *.ini files inside 'cache/' folder.
2. Double checked DB details in config.php.
3. CHMOD +755 to all files & folders in FTP.
4. Check if .htaccess exists...

Some tips? I was dealing more than 3 hours with this and can't find any solution :(
I noticed when make a fresh installation on local, DB tables looks like this; but fresh install on webserver, tables looks like this.
^- Anyway this is not my topic-related, because I'm exporting full SQL & Files from local -> webserver.

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