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Vanilla Private vs Public.....Sharing discussions gets affected and it reduces attraction

I find this really annoying and dumb, but when you share a discussion using social share (Facebook) and your forum is public, the discussion's image and title appears in the shared link. However, where it gets ugly is when you change your forum to private--that's when any discussions that are shared using social share are displays as Sign In, along with a logo of your website......

The ugly workaround for this was sharing lots of discussions with my forum being public, and then afterwards I change it to private, so the shared discussions still render as discussion title + image shared in discussion...

Is there a way to share discussion in a private forum without losing the ability to have the shared link display as "Discussion title + image shared"?



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    If you make your forum public, share the content using Social share (Facebook/Twitter) etc., and then make your forum Private, then you can bypass the Sign In render that Private forces your forum to do.....Is there no way in vanilla to use the link rendering of public while keeping the forum private?

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    It's like this with every other script I've used as well. Other than your workaround, the only thing I can think of is screenshots in the post at FB/Twit. Social sites have to respect privacy settings so I think it'll be difficult to find a way around that as, if a social site can bypass the site's privacy, then anyone and anything can. At least yours isn't cropped like mine. As my site is ScriptTechs, FB always truncates the site logo to RIP for every post O.o

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Is there no way in vanilla to use the link rendering of public while keeping the forum private?

    Are you using their protocol Open Graph?

    Sharing depends in large part to meta data you have for your website. For example images , site name , content and the specific thing you shared requires those things.

    Keep in mind that making a community private blocks any access to content. You would be better off simply redirecting people who want access to specific pages. Sharing any content requires the content be available. Makes no sense to share a link and then people will not be able to see it anyway if they click it.

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    x00x00 MVP
    edited July 2016

    Obviously is something is private you cannot share it. That goes without saying.

    This isn't something that is "annoying" becuase it the the expected behaviour for 99% of the cases, and in those case people would not be happy it this privacy was violated.

    You are asking for a special case which is fine, but don't treat your special case as if it is the expected thing.

    grep is your friend.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    I totally agree with x00. There is no sense to make a forum private, when the content is published (and I know you even encourage your users to share such "private" content.

    There are other ways to keep a little bit of privacy. You could think of a plugin that hides only comments from guests, and shows a hint instead.

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