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Farewell, Adieu and thanks...

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I have enjoyed my adventures with Vanilla, in particular the enthusiastic members of this forum who have been very helpful, friendly and informative and some have gone to great lengths to help me solve issues.

However it is time to make a decision as to which forum software to move to. It has not been an easy one, Vanilla wins hands-down when it comes to simplicity, robustness of the core engine (if not some of the extensions), elegance and style.

I have made no secret of the need, (speaking for myself) for a basic working delete comment/discussion/user function. I have not been able to come to grips with the lack of what I perceive to be essential and basic functionality.

Thinking I could use the Comment Removal extension I moved my forum to a server running MySQL 4.x but still no luck, it does not work for me I'm afraid and even if it did, not being core functionality I can't rely on it keeping on working and supported. I could of course go to the database to delete comments etc. but I will be appointing moderators who don't have the skill and are daunted by this method.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I bid this community (community in every sense of the word) goodbye and a sincere thank you to all.

Good luck.

PS: I might pop in for a while to alleviate my cravings as I've gotten a little addicted!


  • Bye, Bye.
  • BenBen
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    You're leaving Vanilla because you can't completely eradicate comments...

    Maybe we should just change the language file...
  • Oh dear.
  • Maybe it's because you got sick of that green text thing you have going on? :-P
  • One of the things I've learned in my many, many years working with computers and people is that you will never be able to create something that will be used by everyone (except for Bill Gates stuff).

    Right now, I like Vanilla because of the tremendous potential it has for customization. I know how I want to use it, but I don't know how my user community will respond to it or use it. I probably will need to customize it to meet their needs (as much as I can). I look for solutions which usually means flexibility which means customization and tweaking. But this is just me. :-)
  • I could never get my head round the deleting comments thing myself.
  • I still don't understand what the problem with "hide" is, only the Users you allow to see "hidden" discussions and comments can see them, and it doesn't mess with the relational integrity of your database. On the subject of removing users, perhaps an additional status equivalent to "no longer a member" would be appropriate. Either that or a global "Removed User" to which all comments belong to any user that has been removed are attributed (but I think that's a rubbish idea). Viva la Vanilla!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I've always disliked "I'm leaving" announcements. So dramatic.
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    I dislike them too. Espically when they come from your significant other!
  • /high fives itchy
  • gigingergiginger New
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    This is weird, at the top of this thread the first post is duplicated for me. However, if I click unblock user (the green thing didn't agree with me) then only one of them changes. Anyone else got this?

    edit: Should've taken a screenshot. It's gone now.
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    err no just you, you been drinking? sniffing glue? any other solvents in the last hour?
  • "" <-- an album by Ghostland Observatory. Sorry for the plug. ...coming fresh off a great show and would like to share their cool sounds with the community. besides, the album title matches this discussion.
  • I went swimming. Could be it.
  • I'm still stuck with glue
  • Wanderer, I am sad to see you go. Always enjoyed reading your posts.

    I know what you mean re the *hide* thingie. It did concern me for a while as well.

    But as my forum is a small one for people that I know and like, i realised that the function, would rarely if ever, have much call to be used.

    I have only needed to use the hide thingie on my own comments. I usually have sobered up the next morning and decided to go back in and delete my previous night's wine laden rants.
  • [email protected] "i'm leaving" go then no need to post a farewell, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out he he

    geeze man drama is right, its to grab attention and sympathy which I don't believe is the focus of this board
  • Beware the users with animated avatars. They'll break your heart.
  • I need a cure to my Vanilla addiction. Why do I keep coming here everyday? :)
    I think it's the cool extension stuff that people contribute.
    I feel like a dog waiting for a cookie bone.
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