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Joomla! CMS Integration

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Hello, I'm just curious if anyone here has attempted integrating Vanilla into Joomla? I caught the thread regarding using Joomla's Wrapper to call the forum, but thats not the ideal solution. The "best" forum avaliable for Joomla (integrated) is Joomlaboard...That seems near enough abandonware now as the developers have not released an update for it for a long time now and don't really show much interest in doing so it seems. Vanilla I feel would compliment Joomla really well...Not having the technical know-how to have attempted this myself, was wondering if anyone else has done? Or if anyone has any views on this? (wouldn't work, bad idea etc etc) This is my first post btw and must say I really enjoy working with Vanilla so far...By far one of the most refreshing forums avaliable! Thanks, T.


  • Nostromo, welcome to the forum. I am, well at least WAS, a big fan of joomla (mambo before that). I am keen to hear what others think re the possibilities of integrating vanilla into joomla..............tho I am at that point where I am considering abandoning joomla. It has always seemed far too bulky for my needs. I always have to relearn the features and what each icon/link does in the admin section. I run a commercial script on top of joomla......and it is a chore getting all the latest updates to joomla, and making sure everything ties in. Too many variables for me to be honest.....and it just takes one chink to go down in the chain (eg say the commercial add-on developer in Singapore gets hit by a bus) for my whole thing to collapse.
  • I think integration guides could really help Vanilla grow. Both styling/theming and sharing user tables with popular CMS's. So far most people have asked for integration with blogs, but I reckon integration with CMS's would appeale to lots of other users.
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  • Hi All, This is my first post too :) , and i would say, since i find Vanilla, i love it. It's really a fantastic work (Big Thanks to Mark). I'm joomla big fan(sometimes ago mambo, when current joomla team was developing it) since 2002 when i find it. Since then, i use joomla in my sites(and client sites). i coded a joomla component to integrate old Vanilla with joomla 1.0.x(this is not a wrapped version) to use on new version of my main site. Now, we have Vanilla 1.0.x :D ,so i'm updating compoent to work with new vanilla version and hope release a public beta version to joomla/mambo community until end of this month, coz for now i'm very busy with some other projects. When i have more news about i will post here. I hope all joomla and vanilla community enjoy it ;) All the best
  • welcome to the forum, sekmet. When you get it finished, I would love to see your component that links vanilla into joomla. Best wishes from Ireland.
  • Hi everybody!

    sekmet it's great news what you said!

    I'm looking forward it
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    looking forward to seeing what you come up with sekmet.

    last year i managed to tweek both Joomla's and Vanilla's css to match pretty close, but nothing below the surface.

    Joomla has way too many bells and whistles for what i need, even after paring it down to the most basic configuration.
  • I want in too!
  • so is it ready yet? :)
  • This would be so useful! Sekmet, I can offer you some web space (and my sites) to test out in if you like, I don't mind helping to get this made anyway i can... Would it be a Joomla Component, or a Vanilla Extension? I'm really looking forward to this =D
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    Hi Sekmet, any news about your Joomla! component? I'd really love to try it.
  • Hey Sekmet... lookin forward about your project. any good news?
  • Sekmet any news? would be great!
  • are we there yet? are we there yet?
  • I have both running in my joomla site but I don't think it will be useful for you guys. Since I have many joomla sites and all login integrated, I use amember to take care of the users and in vanilla forum too. It's a plugin for amember. When user register in joomla he is active in vanilla too.
  • The Joomla community is huge - it seems to be largest opensource CMS movement at the moment: * There's over 60,000 registered users on the Official Joomla! community site forum and more on the many international community sites. * There's over 1168 Projects on the Joomla! Forge ( ). All for open source addons by third party developers. * There's over 890 extensions for Joomla! registered on the Extension site ( * exceeds 2 TB of traffic per month! * Alexa reported [October 2006] at #492 of top 500 busiest websites in the world. * On the community forums, there's over half a million posts, and over 60 000 activated users. Growing at over 1200 posts per day and 150 new partcipants each day! I've got a feeling your work will be very worthwhile sekmet. Thanks for all the work you're putting into this - I'd love to help with testing!
  • anything is better than nothing simczak :)
  • why joomla? joomla claims to be for newbies, literally it has very sucky code inside and all the hype of so many addons/themes/components is just because it took the lead first. as a matter of fact, I started out with joomla but as my site grew I had to face problems changing stuff, its not customizable at all so finally I gave up all my hopes and turned to drupal. Drupal is way better, simple and powerful. If vanilla needs to be integated, then it should be integrated with drupal cuz I believe together vanilla and drupal will rule the world.
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    vanilla can be integrated with anyone of em. why restrict it. but its not for mark to do it. someone else who is familiar with both joomla and vanilla will have to do it. same with drupal and vanilla
  • i'd love to know why so many rave about Drupal.........i have looked at it, tried it out, and the learning curve is very steep. I'd love to love it, as others do....I really would.
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