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Extensions and Upgrade... for dummies

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hi guys! I've been using Vanilla on my site for quite a few months and I love it. However, I'd like to comment that I've had some minor problems, and having read through documentation and some of the posts here, it seems everyone knows their stuff, and it's difficult for someone like me... you know.. who's not very computer literate to fully comprehend what's going on. Can someone help explain things to me in layman's terms? 1) Upgrade to Vanilla 1 I'm about to do that right now, but I can't find any guidelines on how to do the upgrades properly. Do I just copy the Vanilla 1 files where the current 0.9 files are? I've made a back up already. 2) Extensions For the past few months, I've been unable to add extensions into my site. Usually, you'd just add the .php file into the extensions folder yes? But all the extensions are in folders, so do I just add the folder in? I've done that but I can't find the extensions in the extensions page. Been wanting vanillacons for such a long time now! Thanks a lot guys.


  • what version of vanilla you using at the momment? for the upgrade me thinks all you need to do it copy the files over your own and run the upgrader, however if you are using a snv version of vanilla 1 then you jut need to copy the files. Yes in vanilla 1 they are meant to be in folders.
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    1) From the readme file in the Vanilla 1 download: "When you are finished backing everything up, remove all of your old Vanilla files and upload all of the new Vanilla files to your server. Browse to the web-accessable folder where Vanilla is installed and you will be presented with the upgrader." 2) The extensions in folders are made for Vanilla 1 - that's why they don't work now (but will once you've upgraded) EDIT: didn't see Immersions answer, hadn't refreshed the webpage for 6 mins.
  • argh, sorry, but how do i find out which version mine is?
  • Thomas... and I didn't see your answer too.. cos I didn't refresh too. ;) I'll try .. thanks a lot! But if I remove all my old files, all my conversations in the forum will be gone aye? Will do it now and get back to ya. thanks a lot.
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    @greentea: make sure to back up the files and your MySql database before you do anything. That way you can always go back if things screw up. Your discussions, users etc are stored in the sql database - not in the files. The files just contain the actual Vanilla program (there are a few exception to this: if you have attachments on your board they will be stored as files. Also, you may have installed custom theme or style files etc).

    Just make sure to back up both files and the database. Then replace the files with the Vanilla 1 files, surf to the folder and enjoy the automatic installer.
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    Your conversations will remain intact. Watch an actual upgrade done here:
  • Wooooohooooooooooo I've done it!! Thank you all!!
  • Great stuff ;-)
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