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Attachments 1.4 Problem

edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Get this error when enabled

Notice: Undefined index: ATTACHMENT_DISPLAY_IMAGE_PROCESSING in /home/rtp/public_html/extensions/Attachments/default.php on line 532


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    Same exact error. Waiting to launch a fairly large forum but can't find a fix for this.

    Any help?
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    Just wait for Vanilla 1.0.1 (which will be released very soon). Once it's released I will release Attachments 2.0 which should be more stable and customizable.
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    I can't really do that as I have a really heavily modified theme which will most likely break with an update or I'll have to manually add in some hooks. I have a client breathing down my ass.

    I'm not asking you specifically though, Jazzman. I really appreciate your work. If anyone has any idea that's cool. If I'm forced to update the site (I soooo do not want to) I'll do it though :)
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    Check your conf/settings.php and make sure you have an entry like:
    $Configuration['ATTACHMENT_DISPLAY_IMAGE_PROCESSING'] = 'Thickbox';
    The value can be Thickbox, Lightbox or None

    If it's not there, just add it :)
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    **eagearly waits**
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    Any chance we could somehow set the attachments plugin to accept all attachments? That way, I'm not keying in like 30 different types of attachments? I can just accept all of them? Its for a client management tool. I don't need to worry about safety. We have other tools for that. I just want to use this to accept everything.
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    i have a problem with Vanilla 1.0.1 und Attachments 1.4

    when i start a discussion, i get this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: discussionform_validateattachments() in /***/vanilla/library/Framework/Framework.Class.Delegation.php on line 36

    Please help! i can´t upgrade to 2.0 because there is no import for my 1.4 Attachments!
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    edited August 2006
    Mmm.. I think there is a delegate in the attachments extension that isn't used. But Vanilla 1.0.1 triggers that delegation function.

    You can fix it by removing these lines (around line 450):
    // Validate files on PreSaveComment $Context->AddToDelegate("DiscussionForm", "PreSaveDiscussion", "DiscussionForm_ValidateAttachments");

    Attachments 2.0 will be released next week (with import script)
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    okey ... this works! Thank you!

    another problem... when i upload a zip file:
    the upload works, but when i download the file and open it in NOTEPAD it contents:

    Warning: readfile(/homepages/15/d83103864/htdocs/ [function.readfile]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/15/d83103864/htdocs/ on line 200
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    Thanks Jazzman, I too had this error. No biggie at the time but it's a nice extension to have. I'll give this a try.

    Ok, works as well but I too had a zip file go corrupt. I can wait till 2.0 though since I'm only uploading images primarily :)
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    Looking forward to it Jazzman!
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    Looks good cuz don't works for me hope itll be released soon;) (mean the attachment 2.0)
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    Now that I've tried the Attachments 2.0, it seems to have much less functionality.. Forgive me if this is not correct, but when I attempted to use it, it would not embed the image attachments at all (no matter the type of image - png, gif, jpeg, etc). Also there was no thickbox or lightbox javascript to handle the loading etc. It seemed that it would just attach whatever file you uploaded and when the user clicks the link, it would just prompt them to 'download or open'.. Is this actually the preferred behaviour, or am I missing something?
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    You need the attachments 2 extensions...look for the attachments 2 discussion.
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    Yes, but version 2 of the Attachments extension lacks the functionality that I'm after. I'd really like to make use of some form of lightbox js for the loading and resizing and navigation of/between images.. Am I mistaken in saying that this functionality is not in version 2 ?
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    Thats what i'm saying (though somewhat badly). Attachments 2 has extensions of its own which may cover some of the functionality you want. Look...
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    I don't get it. Are there are separate extensions specifically for Attachments 2? Would these other extensions be enabled via the standard settings/extensions section just like other stand-alone extensions? Is there a list of these supported or helpful 'extensions of it's own' and where can I find them?
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    I've a feeling they are enabled as normal yes. Not sure how many there are or what all their names are'd have to dig around i'm afraid.
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