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Add "Post Answer" button to questions

This discussion is related to the Q&A addon.
korinkorin New
edited October 2016 in Feedback

The Q&A plugin assumes every reply to a question is an answer, but more often than not, the replies are other users asking for clarification, chiming in "me too", or the OP providing updates to his own question. In every one of these instances, the topic is automatically flagged as "answered", removed from the unanswered table, and the OP is prompted to indicate whether the reply answers the question. This can be quite annoying for the OP.

Why not provide two submit buttons for a comment to a question thread: one labeled "Post Comment" and one labelled "Post Answer"? Both would submit the comment, but the question is assumed answered only if the user clicked the "Post Answer" button. If the user clicks the "Post comment" button, leave the question as unanswered and don't prompt the OP to mark it as an answer. (maybe provide some way to change a "comment" to an "answer", in case someone accidentally clicks the wrong submit button)

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