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Problems with Vanilla 2.3, now using 2.2 as it works. Please help :).

Greetings everyone,

Hope everyone is great today, i was able to install vanilla 2.3 successfully before but on the root folder like I moved all the files to a new folder (forums) and then I was greeted with a error , something went wrong - i did a complete reupload of all the files, deleted all the tables in my database but it stopped working and showed error like this one - gdn_database connect issue.

So, i installed 2.2 version. I was able to go through the setup page to the dashboard , i was really happy and all even tables are created but now. I can't go to "visit site". I am fine with version 2.2 as long as it's working but i can't access anything other than dashboard - advanced , appearence , getting started etc.

Please help to make it work, i am not able to delete the database as my web host doesn't allow database to be deleted, i am stuck with the database. I can only delete the tables in it.


-- This is the error i got in 2.3 --

Fatal Error in Gdn_Database.Connection();
An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
The error occurred on or near: /customers/2/1/3/

171: if ($Timeout) {

172: throw new Exception(errorMessage('Timeout while connecting to the database', $this->ClassName, 'Connection', $ex->getMessage()), 504);

173: }


175: throw new Exception(errorMessage('An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database', $this->ClassName, 'Connection', $ex->getMessage()), 500);

176: }


178: return $PDO;

179: }


[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Database->newPDO();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Database->connection();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Database->slave();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Database->query();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_SQLDriver->query();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_SQLDriver->getWhere();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_AuthenticationProviderModel::getWhereStatic();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_AuthenticationProviderModel::getDefault();

[/customers/2/1/3/] PHP::signInUrl();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Theme::link();

[/customers/2/1/3/^%%12^121^12189BEA%%default.master.tpl.php:37] PHP::smarty_function_signinout_link();

[/customers/2/1/3/] PHP::include();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Smarty->fetch();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Smarty->display();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Smarty->render();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Controller->renderMaster();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Controller->xRender();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Pluggable->__call();

[/customers/2/1/3/] HomeController->fileNotFound();

[/customers/2/1/3/] Gdn_Dispatcher->dispatch();

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Additional information for support personnel:

Application: Vanilla
Application Version: 2.3
PHP Version: 7.1.0
Operating System: Linux
Server Software: Apache
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0
Request Uri: /community/dashboard/setup?
Controller: Gdn_Database
Method: Connection


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