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Change Definitions in 2.3. Example: Howdy Stranger!

I'm looking to change a few definitions on the forums like the "Howdy Stranger". I've gone through a few old discussions for 2.0 - 2.2 and they don't seem relevant anymore for example, one of them suggested

$Definition['Howdy, Stranger!'] = 'Ahoi!';

in conf/locale.php but this file no longer exists. I've also looked at other folders and this is the closest thing I found in applications/vanilla/locale/en.php

$Definition['EmbeddedDiscussionFormat'] = '<div class="EmbeddedContent">{Image}<strong>{Title}</strong>
<p><a href="{Url}">Read the full story here</a></p><div class="ClearFix"></div></div>';
$Definition['EmbeddedNoBodyFormat'] = '{Url}';
$Definition['CategoryID'] = 'Category';
$Definition['We\'ve received a request to change your password.'] = 'We\'ve received a request to change your password at %s. If you didn\'t make this request, please ignore this email.';

// Deprecated Translations
$Definition['Start a New Discussion'] = 'New Discussion';

but I'm not sure if I should be putting the code here. Is it a core file that must not be edited? Or shall I put the code here?


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