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CSS question

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I've seen this css tag done different ways, depending on the person, whats the correct way ? they all appear to work background: url( ' image.gif ' ) background: url( " image.gif " ) background: url( image.gif )


  • In all the books I've read (well thumbed through many a time) - CSS Mastery, Web Standard Solutions, Designing with Web Standards (2nd ed.), Bulletproof Web Design (and all online tutorials I've read, and other people's CSS i've read) I've seen background: url(image.gif) so I'm pretty certain that's the standard.
  • IE mac doesn't like single quotes, so its best to avoid them, but either double quotes or no quotes will do you just fine.

    all 3 are valid.

    from the source:

    from the first
    The format of a URL value is 'url(' followed by optional white space followed by an optional single quote (') or double quote (") character followed by the URL itself (as defined in [11]) followed by an optional single quote (') or double quote (") character followed by optional whitespace followed by ')'. Quote characters that are not part of the URL itself must be balanced.

    Parentheses, commas, whitespace characters, single quotes (') and double quotes (") appearing in a URL must be escaped with a backslash: '\(', '\)', '\,'.

    Partial URLs are interpreted relative to the source of the style sheet, not relative to the document:
  • yea I thought so, but when you see people do it different you begin to wonder, need to study more CSS, I removed IE from my mac :D no MS software is allowed on my mac he he
  • is it possible to wrap the side panel and the main page together in a container and if so what file would I need to go into ie begin--container--> side panel discussion list end---container
  • They're already wrapped by div#Body.
  • ok that side panel height has been killing me, still working on becoming familiar with the Vanilla files, think I got it under control well not really I just extended the height in px on a tag to make the page longer so the sidepanel wouldn't break the CSS at the bottom, its not an exact fix but it will due until I figure it out. The side panel is not moving with the layout as it should but on some pages it appears to work and others it goes wacky
  • does anyone know where the end div tag is for #body ?
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    I believe (not 100% sure) that it's the last div closed in the footer. It's hard to tell without my trusty web developer toolbar.
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    Vanilla CSS is hell to navigate through, makes it difficullt to style a footer below the body perhaps we need a footer extension as well ;-)
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