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Latest (5 or 10) discussions per category on "All discussions" view

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Since setting "Categories" as the frontpage is possible now, I'd like to enhance the "Categories" page so that it would show how many and new comments are there in a category. I'd also like to somehow mark that category, so that users would immediately notice there are new comments. Is this possible?


  • anyone?
  • The only problem with something like this is to run the query to work out how many new comments there were would be a massive database query and would slow things down a lot on a reasonably sized forum. Unless your forum is very small are you sure you really need it?
  • The problem is that most of the users of my forum are used to popular scripts like phpbb or invision and they would like to see the category page first when they enter the forum. Personally I love the way the discussions are shown by default in Vanilla... but it's the voice of the people ;] Since it is possible to set the "Categories" page as the frontpage, I'd like it to show a little more information about the categories... I wouldn't need it that much if setting the "Categories" as the frontpage wouldn't eliminate the "Discussions" page totally...
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    and if all the people wanted steak and eggs for breakfast you gonna run out and get it for them ? :-)

    I think its cool to have categories as front page they can click on it to enter into the discussions similiar to other forums, I like the way Vanilla places an emphasis on discussions its takes some getting use to but users will have to get a grip and learn the Vway everything has a learning curve. I'm being careful not to compare too much the forum to vanilla because if you do you'll always want more stuff and before you know it your back to using a standard forum again. Appreciate the simplier things in life like mmm Vanilla ? lol
  • Yeah, I totally agree... but when you realize that amongst all the users there istn't a single person whom you could consider a 'power user', your point of view changes dramatically :] If they don't think that seeing discussions from all the topics in one place is lucid enough and they feel a little bit lost, then it's not only their problem... it's also my problem and I don't want them to miss any of the discussed topics just because they don't posses the ability to adopt new rules ;-) Maybe they're just being ignorant and I overtolerant, but what's wrong in changes that would make the majority feel better?
  • I seriously think people are more likely to miss discussions when they have to go looking for them in different categories than if they can see them all on one page. But to each their own.
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    Is this kind o tweaking the "Discussions" page possible in any way?:

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    You know what I mean... display the category name, then 5 (or 10) newest discussions and a "Show all" link to /categories/#/

    It would be soooooooo nice...
  • I do believe someone's done almost exactly that. Though i cant remember who, or if they released it. Have a dig around.
  • I'm hoping you weren't talking about this, because it's not exactly what I meant...
  • Nope...keep hunting :D
  • Hmm..getting closer. Maybe i'm imagining it but i'm pretty sure someone did pretty much exactly what you wanted. *scratches head
  • Damn, can't find it :/
  • Try changing the title of this discussion to something like '5 discussions per category on all discussions view' and see if the user responds. It's a long shot though.
  • Please, this i s very important for me. Does anyone have a solution?
  • So maybe someone could give me some hints so that I could try and achieve it myself...
  • I like the layout you're proposing. However, I think the Vanilla way is how things should be done. My users are grumbling about the way Vanilla works/displays things also. I've pretty much told them to get used to it although I could see allowing for various 'view' choices in a profile being an interesting possibility.
  • I think it would be incorrect to say users on standard forum take longer to find the topic or post then in Vanilla, Vanilla is not so different I hate to burst any Vanilla bubble but its not so special or unique lol Everyone wants to call their stuff different, its not, its arranged differently that's all, you can get to a topic or post just as fast on any forum. I think what Vanilla focus on is going directly to the dicussion, its kind of like seeing all recent posts right from the get go, not to mention the layout is more simple, dare I say more blog like ? I think its important to keep those things in mind, Vanilla is about simple with an emphasis on discussion and it is addicting once you have a taste mmm.
  • That's nothing to do with the request here though, really?
  • depends on your point of view, hey you know what would be cool, on the categories page show just the categories then when you click on them it shows sub categories then you enter into discussions
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