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[Vanilla 2.4b] I can't open "Themes" page in Dashboard

This discussion is related to the Bootstrap addon.
edited March 2017 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3


I have been developing a personal project using Vanilla 2.4 beta and using the Boostrap theme without any problem in my local enviroment (OSX). Yesterday I tried to push my project to my production server. I'm using Git so I pulled my project on the server and replicate my local DB on production. I visited the forum and it show up but with the default template instead Boostrap. I said, "OK let us check the theme configuracion in the Dashboard". First issue:

After a few minutes debugging, I realized that Vanilla was trying to read /themes/Bootstrap instead of /themes/boostrap. So I renamed the folder to Bootstrap (with capital B ). Now the forum works with the Bootstrap theme, but I still can't access the Themes page on the Dashboard:

I checked the /cache/themes/ folder and Vanilla is creating two files: Bootstrap.php and bootstrap.php. I think there is the problem, but I wasn't able to track it down.

Hope you can help me, guys, thanks!


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