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So I am testing on my mobile and using the auro2 theme. I have made the required css changes that I wanted to to adjust for the color scheme that fits my needs. However, upon testing with mobile, i noticed that the theme color was still using the same one when I originally started tinkering with VanillaForums and that the head section is pointing to /applications/dashboard/scss/legacy folder where the css is found.

I am new at this forum stuff and am trying to read up on documentation, searching the forums etc. but am a bit confused about how the mobile theme works.

In the back end, you have a section for mobile which contains 1 theme. In reading the forums answers to others questions, I attempted to add the following line to my /conf/config.php file

<<< $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'Bootstrap'; >>> I tried Gopi, I tried a few others with same resulting mobile page look and feel.

I simply wish to utilize the same theme for mobile as desktop versions.

Requesting some guidance to either documentation or discussion I may have missed, or some help from more experienced folks here.

Thank you in advance,


  • ok, i got the mobile to move by creating my own mobile template as suggested in another discussion.

    Now I am able to see color update and also noticed that there are some links/options at the bottom of my mobile screen.

    When logged in, I see "Full Site" "Dashboard" "Sign Out"
    and when
    Not Logged in, I see near the copyright in footer "Back to Mobile Site"

    The site as loading this way is showing exactly the color scheme and how i want it to display all the time, without user intervention.

    When I do click on "Full Site" from the mobile theme I want, the link shows it points to /profile/nomobile.
    Can anyone please guide on how i can keep this link for mobiles all the time without options to switch back and forth by user?

    If you wish to test, the url is

    Best regards,

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited April 2017

    Simply remove the link to the non mobile site from the template.

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