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debugging custom setup

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hi, I'm trying to use an existing users table with Vanilla, I've turned debug on, but I can't login, is it possible to output the sql thatVanilla is generating so I can debug what the app is receiving etc. thanks, jon


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    Can you access your settings page at all? If so you could enable 'can see debug info' (or whatever it is) for the unauthenticated role then turn debugging on?
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    nope, I can't login, so I don't have access to settings. anyway of allowing 'see debug info' without being logged in? is it an app wide setting (if so I could manually change it in the DB) or is it a user specific option? thanks, jon
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    it's a role specific option. I'm guessing it's probably somewhere in the role table if you take a look.
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    ok, temporailiy I've copied over the contents of the 'permissions' row in the administrator role to the unauthenticated role, but I don't see any debug info... still a bit perplexed ;) thanks, jon
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    Have you browsed to /debug.php and switched application mode?
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    yes, app mode is set to debug. I've got somewhere, the users table is being referenced ok, because it's letting me send password resets and change the PW, just not login. If i could see the sql I think i'd know exactly what was going on. To that end I've been digging around in the Framework files, trying to find where the debug is, so I can print_r() it, not found it yet. thanks, jon
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    ok, I;m in now. managed to force the debugging output to show by modifying the SQLBuilder class, my auth function was always failing because my user didn't have a RoleId set. Need to change the deault I think so that all existing users are allowed access. nearly there though, woo! thanks, jon
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    edited March 2007
    How do u debug an extension
    I want to debug the Page manager plugin but it always starts from settings.php. not the default.php inside Page Manager.
    Using PHP development tool for eclipse with xdebug
    this problem is universal so doesn't matter what debugger ur using. since ur using
    It will start from settings.php
    I cannot run it on default.php because all the iF statements fail
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    Found the solution
    use xdebug_break(); inside default.php
    then when i call settings.php?PostBackAction=Pages&XDEBUG_SESSION_START=msb
    and click play to run through, it will stop at xdebug_break();
    then i can do step in and other stuff like usual

    See its so simple :)
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