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jsconnect 1.5.3 with vanilla 2.3 in a subfolder

Is anyone out there still using jsconnect with Vanilla?
I have spent hours and hours trying to get this to work and everything I try just does not work, and I'm wondering now if this is just no longer supported and not expected to work anymore.
I have Vanilla 2.3 installed in a "forum" subfolder on my domain and have installed the jsconnect 1.5.3 plugin and enabled it.
Using the embedded option, I just get 404s everywhere where it seems to be trying to load my main site under the forum folder.
I've created my own authenticate endpoint but when it is called from vanilla, it just returns the name and imageurl.
I'm so frustrated now, but I need to stop struggling with this until I know someone out there has it working. If it's not supported anymore, what's the alternative for an embedded forum?


  • @shanebough said:
    Is anyone out there still using jsconnect with Vanilla?

    I have tried for a few days to get 2.3 and jsconnect to work... I dont think it works in 2.3 documents are few.. and the ones they do have either are not offering enough info or just enough to keep you running in circles.. Ive posted here as well as stack overflow not responses so I am just assuming it dont work for version 2.3

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I'm 100% sure it is still working because there is no other solution for SSO and Vanilla is still serving their software for paying customers. They wouldn't be able to survive if they had no solution for such a common requirement.

    It's a pity that no one here around has enough experience with jsConnect to be able to help you. I never used it so I don't know more than that it is existing.
    But I will do a test connection between Vanilla and another software to gain some knowledge. It may take a week or so since my time is limited right now, but my assumption is that I will be able to get it up and running in shorter time than someone new to Vanilla.

    Is there any special software you like me to test? Otherwise I will use ProcessWire out of sympathy.
    And the forum should be in Just that I know a start setting that will have a direct usable output...

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