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Ideas I'd Like To Implement: Plausible?

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm creating a website dedicated to an upcoming MMO that is integrating a knowledge DB with a guild. The guild/site will be different in that members of the guild help populate and update the DB. Furthermore, I am really bent on having the entire site very community oriented, meaning the players can give input on any given subject if they feel the need. At the same time, I obviously don't want to have an enormous, or really much at all, admin overhead to keep things running smoothly. I've done a bit of reading on Vanilla, but not enough to understand if my ideas are even possible with the current system. What I plan on doing is the following, with or w/o Vanilla, although i'd much rather it be with. If anyone knows of any limitations, please let me know! Deep integration into my entire site. This means have a login box/section on every page of my website, and show logged in status. Allow seamless movement from my custom side to Vanilla. Furthermore, this also means integration of an individual thread on a personal custom page - basically a comment system that autogenerates a thread for said page. Why use Vanilla for this if all I want is a "comment" system? I'd like to be able to go my forums, and all the comments/threads be under a certain section and allow people to browse them if need be. Furthermore (I've already started on this) I want everyone's actions to be tracked and scored. Basically it's a self-regulating tracking system. If people like your threads you get +, if not then -. Karma. There's a lot more to that system, but i'm not gonna go into it here since it's mechanics don't rely on Vanilla, and I already have a somewhat functional extension for it anyway. Any comments? Suggestions? Obviously i'll be writing my own extensions, and I have a lot of coding to do, unless someone with a deep understanding of Vanilla says otherwise!


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    I think for some of these things you need to look further than extensions. Obviously you can use the People library for all your user authentication stuff, but for some of the more vanilla-unrelated things it might just be worth looking to see if the framework offers anything you can use to make your life easier. I'm afraid that's really about as much help as i can be here. Be sure to share what you make though!
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    Well I plan on using much of my own coding/mySQL tables for much of what I need to do, I understand Vanilla doesn't do everything for me :) just hope it plays well! I will certainly share everything I do, I love this project!
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