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[BUG] "wait" button height during posting

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I recently saw that when adding your comment to a discussion or starting a discussion, the mentioned button changes to "wait". Surprisingly the button height is different to the other button beside it as long as the button states "wait". It's a little bit smaller.

Ok, it's a small thing. ;) But is this within my Firefox or by design?

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Another test within my IE6.0 - nope IE doesn't even show a wait button here. :)


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    Testing with my firefox now...


    That is odd...
  • Ok, so it's not limited to my system/firefox. Is it a firefox issue then? Because when I tested my IE6.0 I realized that it doesn't even show a wait button. Hmm, anyone here that could test it with opera? I haven't installed it at the moment. Anyone from the developers / a skillful person who can explain this behaviour?
  • NickENickE New
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    It dosn't seem to do that with Opera 9.01. Maybe it has something to do with regular buttons having slightly different styles than disabled buttons or something...
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
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    Test! // edit - yeah, it's slightly smaller here at work on Firefox, but not a huge problem :-)
  • And? Is it solveable or at least explainable? I know it's a minor issue ;) but why not fixing it if it can be fixed. Can it? I'm just curious. :)
  • Another test
  • I hoped mark/any skilled person can explain this error. ;)
  • *bump* (if bumps are allowed ;) )

    No one? I would be satisfied even if someone says this is a firefox issue and cannot be fixed/worked around.
  • My guess is it gets a different CSS class, or loses its current CSS class, when the javascript does its thing. I poked through the .js file and tried to catch it with Firefox's Web Developer Extension, but no luck. :(
  • hmm, how about mark? Hello mark, do you read me ;)

    What do you think about this? Any idea?
  • Do I miss Why didn't I get an answer?
  • He's probably busy. Or doesnt know. Is it of such importance?
  • Is it of such importance?
    Well, no - I said that already. :)

    But I started this discussion on 15th of August and was wondering why I still got no answer from anyone involved in vanilla developement. As I already said, I would also be satisfied if someone says it's a bug that cannot be worked around. But nothing. Only pbear made a guess about the error. That's all.
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    It appears this bug appears whenever the button padding-bottom is set. To reproduce, all that is needed is this in the stylesheet:.Button { padding-bottom: 0; }If you are looking for that in the CSS, the button padding is set under #Form *. Ironically, the default bottom padding of the button is zero.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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    In my xp theme I can't duplicate it. What Wallphone said.

    And I like to think of myself as "on the ball", but there's no way I can read through every discussion on the forum. I gave up on that six months ago :)
  • OK, but I made a screenshot which shows the error. And several people confirmed it.
    You say you can't reproduce it. :) So what's the final conclusion? Browser bug? OS bug? (I'm using W2K), style issue?
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    Excuse my ignorance, but where does that Wait button come from? Is it some extension?
  • The "Wait" text replaces the "Add your comments" text when you click that button to post your comment. An AJAX thing (I think) to inform you while the server is processing the new comment request. The button shifts its position a little when "Wait" is displayed. Just a cosmetic glitch.

    And Mark, you can still redeem yourself — start reading, buster! ;)
  • ithcyithcy New
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    it's not ajax, it's just javascript... the button is changed and disabled to prevent double posts.

    (not that it matters to the discussion)
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    Oh, right, I see it now, thanks. Hmm, funny I hadn't really noticed it before (I kind of knew the button changed, but I never really read what it said...).

    It looks like the button loses its class when you press it. I stopped the page loading right after pressing the button (so it had turned to "Wait"), then I checked its CSS properties with this Opera thing I have (I'm sure similar things exist for Firefox), and it shows that the button's only class is "Submit", nothing else.

    Edit: For anyone who's interested, that Opera thing is the W3-Dev Menu, and I used the 'computed css (on hover)' option.
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