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Links - Best Practice w/ Embeded Forum

donovanbdonovanb New
edited June 13 in Vanilla 2.3 Help


Okay, I have a question about allowing links when using the embed feature. The main issue is that, if not correctly entered, links can embed entire forum site into the iFrame, perhaps endlessly.

I have allowed HTML and Markdown... so I can do links like:
[here ](/forum#/categories/editor "here ")
<a href="" class="btn btn-link" >LINK</a>
<a href="/forum#/categories/member-off-topic" class="btn btn-link" target="_parent">here</a>

So, for example, this link:
<a href="/forum#/categories/member-off-topic" >here</a>

Will embed the entire site. Changing the above to:
<a href="/forum#/categories/member-off-topic" target="_parent">here</a>

will correct the link to parent... however, then any links to that page also have to call parent in order to work.

Instead, all calls could be hard coded:
<a href="" >LINK</a>

This "fixes" any embed issues... but what if you have a dev site that you practice with.. then it's annoying to hard code links because none of them work when in dev.

What's your guys solution for this problem.. I want to make it easy for users to add links in their posts that just simply work and don't cause problems. The only thing I have come up with that seems reliable is to require the FQDN in links. They won't work in Dev, but maybe that is Okay.



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