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Need help with jsconnect on v2.3.1

I'm having problems getting jsconnect to log my website's signed-in users into vanilla.

I would be willing to pay for someone's time to help me sort this out.

We had this working for v1, but now that we've upgraded to v2.3.1 I can't seem to get all of the pieces in place. The Test URL link shows that the signatures match, but the user is not logged into vanilla.


Basically, the data I need to log the user into vanilla is in the $_SESSION array. Their user ids on the website match the user ids in vanilla, so this should be fairly straightforward.

Thanks in advance.


  • I was finally able to get this working. jsconnect 1.5.3 and vanilla 2.3.1. There seemed to be some differences of opinion as to the proper name for the signature has - "sig" or "signature" depending on where you look. Finally got all of the pieces talking with each other.

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