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Setting NBBC config

jamesincjamesinc Sydney ✭✭
edited June 16 in Vanilla 2.3 Help

Hi all,

I use BBCode on my forums, and although NBBC supports stripping leading and trailing whitespace, it isn't enabled. So I wrote a very simple plugin to accomplish the task.

However, I now wonder if maybe it was configurable some other way and I've tried to be too clever about it?

I put the plugin online anyway:


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    There is no better way. In the __construct method, the two protected properties are initialized like that:

    $this->pre_trim = "";
    $this->post_trim = "";

    which means that by default there should be no trimming.

    Both properties can be changed with setPreTrim and setPostTrim and those setters are never used.

    1. They are initialized with a fixed value
    2. They are never touched afterwards

    => there is no other way than using some hook and the methods all by yourself like you did in your plugin.

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