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YAGA Ranks Don't Save Edit Permissions

SaryahSaryah New
edited July 2017 in Feedback

Firstly, awesome plugin! I love it. Just a couple of things.

Okay, so I've thoroughly been through the Rank settings, and scoured a bunch of threads with similar but not the same issue.
In Vanilla role permission I have members Edit Timeouts set to 1hr no problem.

In YAGA I set my Rank 1 to 15min timeout (increasing with Rank).

On my test user Rank 1, they still have a 1hr timeout. In fact, when I check my rank settings in each rank, all the drop-down options go back to "Default" instead of what I saved in them. Have I broken the setting on YAGA Ranks? What files can I edit to manually set each Ranks config if there is no other solution?

The only things I have changed for YAGA backend is reactions.css to change hidden to visible (which also still is hidden for some reason but that issue is minor nevermind my custom CSS was overwriting it, fixed), and adding CSS to the Custom CSS plugin to fix the leader-board layout for bootstrap (which did work).

So um, I thought I would upload my YAGA configuration file here... whole bunch of red angry "Unable to add file: No error" when I try exporting anything. What have i done?


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    I tried to add a new rank and got a "Something went wrong" page trying to save it. I'm going to reinstall the plugin to see if that fixes it. I didn't edit any random files, but maybe it didn't install correctly the first time? Will report back.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Please use the most current version from GitHub. It includes several fixes which were needed based on some incompatibilities with the current Vanilla version.

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    Oh, thank-you. I didn't know that this wasn't the latest version. I will download now thanks for your help.

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    I'll post what i did here so other people who run into the same problem know.

    So I downloaded the Github "Master" version linked, uploaded and renamed the folder to just "yaga" as per instructions, and it broke the whole site. As in all pages were "Something went wrong" so the only way to fix was to delete the yaga folder. As I am not familiar with Github at all I went looking around to make sure I had download the right files and hadn't stuffed that part up somehow, and noticed "Branches" and one of those mentioned Bootstrap compatibility. So I set that one up instead. It didn't break the site, and I can now add a Rank without trouble, but I'm now back to the Ranks settings always saying "default" on every line after changing and saving. Even more curious, the Rank Title I edited are still there from my very first install. (I have deleted the ini files from cache) If Rank settings are stored somewhere else other then the yaga app folder, I'd like to know so I can manually edit them.

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    Alright so I figured out why my Ranks names were saved, they are in the database, manually deleting those rows reset them back to default examples. Still cannot use the front-end dashboard options to edit the permissions on Ranks, am currently hunting around to see where those are kept. Wish me luck!

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