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Buy a drink add-on

Greets, I'm looking for someone to create some kind of donate to user add-on. Specs: Terms: Once the work is completed, you must add it to the vanilla add-on repository for the benefit of the entire community, under the BSD license. Budget: No more than $100. If you can get this done quickly, please email denis at mesoconcepts dot com. Thanks for reading! Denis


  • I guess it is easier by some "currency"
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    Hmm... interesting problem. Code is a work in progress:

    <?php /* Extension Name: Buy A Drink Extension Url: Description: Adds a kudos link to donate to another forum user. Version: 1.0 Author: WallPhone Author Url: */ //snip -- See the addon site for the rest of the code
  • BSD license? How does that go with the rest of it being GPL? I could be fine, but I have never mixed and matched licenses before, so I have no experience here.
  • BSD is closer to public domain; you can take BSD code and make it proprietary. Since Vanilla, People, and Framework are under the GPL, doesn't that mean all extensions must be GPL? (since they will include parts of Framework/People/Vanilla?) I'm a little confused about this.
  • @Wallphone: Please don't forget to send me your paypal address -- I insist in paying you for your work. :)
  • addons can be relicensed under BSD as long as mark gives official consent. this is within the terms of the GPL.
  • ah ok :) this is a good thing, the more commercial development we get the better
  • i should have phrased it differently: they can't be licensed under BSD unless mark gives official consent.
  • Shouldn't the choice of the license belong to the code author? ... Admittedly, some code was inspired by Mark, so it may need his stamp of approval.

    Personally, I don't care what license it is under, as long as its freely avaliable, and is agreed to by the extension's sponsor.

    @Denis... I will email you when done.
  • Shouldn't the choice of the license belong to the code author?

    it was. Mark chose GPL for vanilla. addons are part of vanilla, so they're covered by vanilla's GPL.

    this is what makes a lot of people choose BSD licensing - it's not so restrictive.
  • this is what makes a lot of people choose BSD licensing - it's not so restrictive.
    — ithcy
    Yep. I, for one, am fed up with GPL. It really doesn't make much sense to use it for PHP software anyway, but it's kind of an "everybody uses it" thing.
  • As a developer, I tend to prefer BSD over GPL. It doesn't lock you up in something you don't necessarily agree with. As a customer, I tend to prefer BSD as well, for the same reason. For this add-on, I'll be happy with either as long as it ends up in the repository for the benefit of everyone. :)
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    Here is the current TODO for the above code.

    TODO: [X] Calculate MD5 client-side and use in linkage (send as POST instead of GET?) [X] Figure out how to parse 'Buy A Drink' prefrence to use both on the discussion page as well as before redirecting to paypal [ ] Include the drinker prefrence along with the query that loads the discussions--instead of the 'AcceptsDrinks' function (otherwise, its an extra query for every comment!) ... this may require a new delegate... Partial code in place for when delegate is added [ ] Code cleanup to properly use the database definitions in queries & consolidate conditionals [ ] Incorporate user-defined URLs for wishlists etc.
    Another thought is to allow other types of compensation--Amazon wish lists, and I am sure there are others.
  • The most useful of the alternatives will likely be google wallet, if/when it gets rolled out in India.
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    This extension is now functional, and thus listed in the Add-ons.

    It does not yet use the client-server md5 handshake before revealing the email address, but does require a valid session so any spambot must have an account and support cookies to be able to see it.

    The handshaking is expected to be implemented this weekend if time permits.
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    how does this work ? I don't see a link anyway when I added the extension

    revised: ok I got it working that's wicked, buy me several drink$

    but does that mean the person has to sign up with paypal in order for it to work ?

    seems there needs to be a universal set up where people can buy you a drink with credit card with no need to sign up for anything.
  • Yes, you must both have a paypal account and link it to the email address in your account profile to recieve the payment.

    I am planning on giving the user more options for compensation--Amazon has a wishlist feature where you can buy items for others as a kickback, and I am sure there are many more online 'gift registry' type systems. (None I know of that sell alchaholic beverages, ::sigh::)

    How would one send money to someone who has not registered? Western union? hmmm...

    would be great if when you gave money to someone it would go directly into their bank account intstead of paypals greedy hold basket, I like the idea of buy me a drink being stricly money $$, anything would be a hassle maybe. Sending $2 or $3 or $5 would be a nice treat but then paypal would get their cut lol and I guess out of $2 you'd get a few pennies
  • Well, I looked into western union to send a couplea bucks:
    $5.00 - Amount to send
    $16.00 - Money transfer fee*
    $21.00 - Total estimated amount
    Makes PayPal look really good. I believe PayPal doesn't take a cut if both sender and reciever are members. AFAIK, they charge because credit card companies charge a fraction of the transaction.
  • The same functionality would be cool, except without actual money. Like a points system, etc. It would work the same, but it would list the points earned, and no communication with paypal, etc.
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