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"glob() has been disabled for security reasons"

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm getting that error when I enable the Attachments 1.4 and the Vanillacons extensions. I realize that this is a server-side problem, so asked my admin what can be done about it and I got this answer: "glob function is disabled for security reasons and never will be enabled. You can use mod_rewrite, it's working fine." ehm... and to tell the truth I don't know if this would solve my problem (and how!) :] Could someone please help me with this?


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff

    The extension authors should take a look into this one. Maybe put their names in the discussion topic?
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    glob function can be replaced with something like this:
    (i just lifted it from, but i've used it before)

    <?php function myglob($pattern) {#get pathname (everything up until the last / or \) $path=$output=null; if(PHP_OS=='WIN32') $slash='\\'; else $slash='/'; $lastpos=strrpos($pattern,$slash); if(!($lastpos===false)) {$path=substr($pattern,0,-$lastpos-1); #negative length means take from the right $pattern=substr($pattern,$lastpos); } else {#no dir info, use current dir $path=getcwd(); } $handle=@ opendir($path); if($handle===false) return false; while($dir=readdir($handle)) {if(pattern_match($pattern,$dir)) $output[]=$dir; } closedir($handle); if(is_array($output)) return $output; return false; } function pattern_match($pattern,$string) {#basically prepare a regular expression $out=null; $chunks=explode(';',$pattern); foreach($chunks as $pattern) {$escape=array('$','^','.','{','}', '(',')','[',']','|'); while(strpos($pattern,'**')!==false) $pattern=str_replace('**','*',$pattern); foreach($escape as $probe) $pattern=str_replace($probe,"\\$probe",$pattern); $pattern=str_replace('?*','*', str_replace('*?','*', str_replace('*',".*", str_replace('?','.{1,1}',$pattern)))); $out[]=$pattern; } if(count($out)==1) return(eregi("^$out[0]$",$string)); else foreach($out as $tester) if(eregi("^$tester$",$string)) return true; return false; } ?>
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