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Gmail-Like Invite System Addon - Closed Registration

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
This extension has now been released. View the release thread.

I posted this in another invite thread but I figured I might as well make an official addon request thread.

I want something similar to Gmail where they can't register unless they were invited.. I'd pay for a addon like this. Whisper me if you can and how much you'd want for this.

The details are as follow..

- Unable to register unless invited by someone else on the forums
- Each member gets X amount of invites (defined in settings). If they want more they can apply for more (it can auto-create a whispered thread to the forum admin with their plead listed).
- The person who was invited has their inviter listed on their account (eg. Invited by Name).

That's it :)


  • nope .. i hate that ... these kinda sites sucks except gmail and gmail isn't invites only anymore you can get it by sms ... you have to beg for an invite ... and i never get invited!
  • Actually, I think it's a pretty cool idea. I run a closed forum for poets. We occasionally need new blood, but we don't want the forum to be open to all and sundry. We're managing without it for now (I handle the task of managing invites) but something like this would make my forum a lot more democratic...
  • Dinoboff is currently making this for me at the moment so when it's done I'm sure he'll release it :)
  • "I run a closed forum for poets. We occasionally need new blood ..." Good Lord. :)
  • Very good idea, I'll use it!
  • @ Toivo - ;)
  • where is the option to invite new users? I enabled the extension but can't seem to figure out how to invite people.
  • It's in your account page isnt it? I might be wrong.
  • I might be blind.. but I doubt it. =)
  • "With the standard configuration a link called "Invite Friends" to the new form is added to the "Account Panel" panel on the Account page."...*shrug
  • edited September 2006
    You have to activate the extension in the registration setting page.
    You also need to add the permission to send invitations.
    (Add also to your moderators and admin the permission to add more invitations to user)

    Then there will be a new link to invite someone in your account page.

    One more thing (not required), you should set you forum private in the forum option (Application settiings).
  • My mistake was in editing the roles and permissions of the member and administrator. My first time with vanilla and had assumed that by activating the extension the admin would have permissions to it all. :-D I now understand a lot more about vanilla. Thanks for help.
  • I will add it to the readme file ( that should have been in)
  • A couple users have gotten back to me about the invitations saying the auth code doesn't work - I don't understand how it could be an IE problem - but when I ask them to paste me the link I am by default using firefox and it works fine for me so I end up setting up an account for them. Personally, I love this extension and hope to use it indefinently.
  • It seems to work in IE. Did they change in the form the email address? You need to use in the form the email address that have received the invitation.
  • When I try to send an invitiation, instead of sending, it gives me the message, "You changes have been saved." and then says "0" in the "Invitations sent" row.

    And, I never recieve the email. ANything I need to change?
  • edited September 2006
    The script believe you tried to change to 0 the number of invitation available to sent . I don't know why.

    Can I have more details? I can't reproduce the error.
  • edited September 2006
    i just installed the script as is.

    //edit - I deactivated it, reinstalled uploaded it, reactivated it, and it seems to be working fine now.
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  • edited September 2006
    How would i go about adding "5 invitations remaining" or like "27 invites left" (depending on how many you have of course) onto the panel? I know how to put shit on the panel but don't know how to pull the amount left.. =/
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