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What about porting vanilla to different languages?

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Mark, have you thought about this at all? I understand that you wrote it in php/mysql because that would likely have the highest install footprint... but what if someone wanted to run it on say / ms sql? Have you put any thought into this at all? If someone wanted to port the app would you be cool if they did?


  • Well swapping databases should be trivial, provided the db specific interaction is all done in one class. Admittedly another language is somewhat more of a challenge!
  • ya i'm more interested in the actaul port of the codebase, not so much just switching what database it uses.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I have not even thought of porting to a different language. That is a gargantuan task, and at this point I'd rather sew my feet together, shave my legs, and grow horns out of my eyes. Changing databases should be relatively easy, though. I've got a base Database class that has a MySql implementation. You'd just have to write another implementation of that class and possibly another implementation of the sqlbuilder class (if the other database has very different methods of doing sql).
  • ya i wasn't implying that you would have to do it... i might possibly be interested in a .net port... maybe, sorta... like in 6 months
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, I hate to say this because some .net junkie is going to castrate me, but php syntax is (imho) quite similar to c# syntax. There would definitely be places where you are going to come across wacky php functions and you'll have to write entire modules to mimic the functionality, but you're more than welcome to do it.
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    ya i am totally being very optimistic right now... i am not sure if i could handle that big of a build in the next year even... i'm too busy
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