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Footer Logo & Mobile Theme

tzanetzane New

Hello I have downloaded vanilla forums and have a couple of questions.

  1. How do i remove the vanilla forums logo at the bottom of the default theme?
    I have tried googling the answer and found a thread stating deleting the powered by vanilla line in default.master.tpl would provide the solution. I have deleted this line and still the logo is there.

  2. How do I get the mobile theme to look like this how vanilla has the mobile theme on this forum right now? The sign in & register appearing at the bottom & the black function bar Its really nice and should be a default on the mobile theme.


  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP


    Welcome to the community.

    You shouldn't make changes to the default theme.

    Instead, you should follow the steps to create your own theme, and edit the .tpl there:

    That said, if you aren't seeing the change you made, you are probably viewing a cached version of your page. Clear your browser cache, or use the incognito function of your browser to visit the page, and you should see the change.

    Vanilla forums do not want sites to look exactly like theirs, which is why they don't provide their specific themes as downloads.

    However, Vanilla is extremely easy to customise.

    Use a web inspector to find the elements you need to change, and then make the changes in a custom mobile theme.

  • tzanetzane New

    @whu606 Marvel heroes omega has the same mobile theme going on with their website so if you know how to make the mobile like this please explain instead of telling me to figure it out it does not have to be a secret this is a open source forum and if I want to replicate this mobile theme I should be able to without hassle.

    Also your note about the theme I am not looking to make my own theme or copy the original to make a second theme thats a look alike only without the logo. I have cleared the cache and used incogneto mode on multiple devices the logo is there on desktop ver not mobile of website. If you do know how please explain and show some screenshots. Because removing the line does not make it dissapear on desktop versions.

    Its still there in element & I do not know which file is holding the line <a class"poweredbyvanilla" href=" title=Community Software By Vanilla Forums">Powered by vanilla </a>

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Almost anyone who answers on here is giving up their own time to try to help others.

    Frankly, I feel your reply was snotty.

    I don't propose to offer any further responses to your questions.

    Maybe someone else will.

  • tzanetzane New

    @whu606 said:
    Almost anyone who answers on here is giving up their own time to try to help others.

    If your times that precious to you then you should have helped me with my question instead of giving me a lecture on how I should make my own theme and tell me to go figure out mobile.

    Frankly, I feel your reply was snotty.

    My response was direct I wasn't being sideways like you were in your response towards answering my question about the mobile theme here. Your answer about the logo was a good suggestion but not the cause of my problem.

    I don't propose to offer any further responses to your questions.

    That's okay because I figured out what was causing the logo to still appear and fixed it another default.master.tpl was overwriting the original one and I had to delete the line from all .tpl

    Maybe someone else will.

    That will be good then because maybe I can get a answer on how to get this mobile theme since vanillaforums & marvel heroes omega forums both use it. Good day sir!

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Those are proprietary themes and are not available. They use the paid hosting from vanilla and are not open source.

    I created a theme similar to that,

    You are welcome to try it.

  • tzanetzane New

    @vrijvlinder said:
    Those are proprietary themes and are not available. They use the paid hosting from vanilla and are not open source.

    I created a theme similar to that,

    You are welcome to try it.

    I took a look at the theme this theme does not look anything like vanillas mobile.

    So your saying this mobile theme that looks like bootstrap is something I can only get if I buy hosting from vanilla? If so then that's a load of crap. This mobile theme should be included in the default package of vanilla forums since it is open source.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    So your saying this mobile theme that looks like bootstrap is something I can only get if I buy hosting from vanilla?

    No, you could not even buy it from Vanilla. The theme for Marvel forums Is Proprietary to them, the owners of the website for Marvel . And the theme you see now from this forum Is Proprietary to Vanilla forum. You can create a similar theme, but you can't copy the theme exactly because someone owns the copyright.

    If so then that's a load of crap.

    No, you are a load of crap, a lazy stupid load of crap who feels entitled to shit that belongs to someone else...

    There is a default theme included with the free package and about 100 themes in the add on section, even a bootstrap one... you are a jackass ... help yourself.

  • tzanetzane New


    They are both using the same theme anyone can change the background and redo the css.

    I simply ask a question and you get all bent out of shape. If this is how you try to help people you are no way cut out for any support assistance. This has nothing to do with entitlement or laziness its people like you who try to scare people off sites for asking questions make a bad rep for you and ruin communities like this. If your to emotional to handle me saying its a load of crap that the only way I can get this theme is to buy hosting then you should get off your device that connects you to the internet and go outside because whatever your problem is your not going to take it out on me.

  • tzanetzane New

    I apologize for the double post but I couldn't edit my original post because of the stupid timeout limit. This is a continuation to my first post.

    At least when I use Mybb they give you the theme they use on their website because its not a trick. You don't see them using a theme on their website that you can't obtain or obtain only by purchasing a hosting from them. It's like false advertisement you see the forum go oh it looks so modernized and smooth responding then since its free your lead on to believe this theme is free then you go get it and you get what a load of lies.

    Don't take everything so personal to heart the next time someone asks a question. If your mad because I said something about your mobile theme not looking at all like this your response won't convince me to download it either. All you have done is encourage me to turn away from the theme and talk about how the author overreacts to refusal of downloading it.

    Now if you know of a theme that gives that bootstrap looking navigation and black bar at the bottom feel free to link it. If you don't and have nothing but negativity to say then kindly get off of my thread and leave the responses for people who will actually stay on topic and not go off the rails over a question.

  • @tzane said:
    Anyone can [snip] redo the css.

    I find it ironic that you say anyone can do it and yet you have trouble customizing your website. I also find it ironic that you're calling people emotional while you're the one throwing a tantrum because a company is selling a product and not giving it away for free.

    Moving to a more constructive comment: Vanilla is very customizable. Documentation on how to customize it could be better, I would agree with that. But on the flipside, I've known the people on this forum to be very helpful as long as you show that a) you understand it's a free product, b) you have a clear goal in mind what you want to do, c) you show you follow instructions you were given to the best of your ability.

    Vrijvlinder is the resident theme wizard around here. I'd recommend walking away for a day to cool down, trying to apologize for flying off the handle, and seeing if you can get some help with customizing your theme to suit your needs.

    Here's some CSS to hide the Vanilla icon, that's as far as my personal skills with themes go:


  • tzanetzane New

    @Caylus If you read what I said then you would have understood I was talking about the css part which this dude wants to argue over that he believes i'm trying to mimic that. The navigation and black bar is not css but since you most likely skimmed my thread you misunderstood. Now you think I'm being emotional lol I am simply pointing out that it's false advertisement and look up the definition to the word tantrum.

    Now if you were actually reading my thread you would have seen I already fixed my logo problem on my own. I thank you for the css line I will keep that in mind if I ever need to hide a logo in css. Now if you want to bullshit with me I can go all day, here's a constructive comment on how you can be more helpful.

    When taking the time to help someone with a issue they are facing it is important that you fully read the thread of subject so you may fully understand the situation. When responding in assistance be sure to answer the question to the best of your knowledge. If your unsure on how to answer the question let someone else assist, the worst thing you can do when assisting someone is provide a generalized answer or statement that does not give accurate detail on how to fix the issue at hand. Remember you are there to assist if you can't be of help don't take it personal not everyone gets it on the dot.

    Just because one person helped a few people on this forum does not mean they earn the golden trumpet. Now I have looked through this website since this conversation has gone off topic and all I see is just a bunch of generalized answers referring to the docs and answers that are rated for simpletons. When a serious question comes along giving a generalized answer or any of the above that I have experienced in the few minutes of being on this site show how unintelligent the person really is. @vrijvlinder Do some research before you reply to a thread when assisting people!

    After digging through this site I have found out the theme used on both Marvel Heroes Omega & this vanilla forums is called "Lithe" which was created by the staff of Vanilla forums and is only available to those who purchase hosting from vanilla. Now some information like this should be on the front of the website and it should be specified that its only available with hosting not hidden away in an old blog post.

    Now let me get back on topic since this has gone far enough. If you know of a theme that is similar to Lithe replicating the sticky navigation and black bar which holds the sign in / register and your forum status (notifcations, inbox, edit profile) which you see on the black bar when you are signed in by all means please link it.

  • rbrahmsonrbrahmson "You may say I'm a dreamer / But I'm not the only one" NY ✭✭✭

    @tzane - I'm skimming your comment so feel free to jump over me if you so wish. The bottom line as I see it is that this is a volunteer forum - you can be one as well, and you can respond to questions as gently or harshly as your personality dictates.

    As to the open nature of the software -- the reality of open software is that quite often it is accompanied by commercial version that subsidizes it. Some open software purists think of it as a deal with the devil, others see it as a marriage of convenience, etc. Clearly Android is open source, one can (as many did) write email apps under it, but try to get the source of gmail. Not arguing Android or Google here, just pointing out that under the open umbrella there are many proprietary implementations that aren't open.

    I've used several open Vanilla themes (mobile and desktop) over the years, can't even remember all their names. Never bothered to change them - I found that for my purposes CSS and the Pockets plugin did the trick. Give it a shot.

    Back to the post skimming -- since what you see here are volunteers with limited time on their hands my best suggestion is to limit questions and answers to one concise subject that is easy to read. Once the subject change start a new conversation. My response here that jumps over different subjects is a bad example and likely to be skimmed over;-)

    Bottom line - Vanilla is great and is well worth what you seem to express as harsh feedback, false advertising, incomplete documentation, etc.

    Good luck and welcome to the community!

  • tzanetzane New

    @rbrahmson Are you done?

    Your point of posting goes nowhere If your not willing to read the whole thread don't even bother posting.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    "which theme", "how to remove footer", "give me a link to a bootstrap theme", "show me screenshot of that theme"

    Honestly? You've wasted your "I'm the new guy" Joker on question which are one search query away. How many people do you think are left to give you real support if you need it? o.O

    You gave a clear picture of yourself not being willing to do anything on your own and you are asking for service, not advice. I would say that you need one of the following two things:
    1. a paid solution where you as the customer has the right to demand
    2. a change of your expectations/mindset towards OS and the OS communities

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    I have closed this thread.

    The original question was answered, and now the OP seems intent only on antagonising other users.

This discussion has been closed.